Monday, November 9, 2009


There seem to be a lot of birthdays this week. Several of the blogs that I follow have someone turning a year older and it just wouldn't be right if we didn't follow suite.
A dear longtime friend of mine is expecting her second child in December and she reminded me of all the trouble I had bringing Maddie into the world. If my memory hasn't failed me, I remember approximately 5 months of bed rest with
at home monitoring and a tributaline IV pump that kept me from going into labor. If I laughed too much I would go into labor. If I watched the news I would start contractions. If I drank too much water, sure enough, contractions. Then if I had to pee they would start again. Of all things, this child decided to wait two weeks after my due date to enter this world. But just like Madeleine came out in her own time, she continues to set her own pace.

This pace is usually full force and full throttle. When Maddie puts her mind to something, I know it will get done and done well. You could say she's competitive, but I think it's more how God made her. She's always been that way and I hope she never changes.
For example, when she was about 4 she decided that she wanted to do the splits. Every day she would stretch and practice until she finally did it. It became "her thing". We would be in the store and I'd turn around and there she'd be on the floor. Shwoooop! Down in the splits!

Her sense of humor keeps this family ticking as well. Leave it to Maddie to crack everyone up at the table with some quirky comment. Is that a middle child thing? I don't know.
Mostly I love her tender heart. She really has a compassion for children and you see how much unconditional love she has for them. When she gets around little kids it's like she just lights up.

Sunday her dad had to leave to go down to Muncie where he got a job. (Oh yeah, where we will be moving soon). We didn't have the time for a cake
and dinner, so her one request was her dad's awesome pancakes.
He really makes great pancakes!
As you can see on her face, pure joy for pancakes.

As you see on this face, she realized there was no icing to lick off the candles.

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