Thursday, November 11, 2010

At Lasts

It's happening!
Sure 'nough it's happening!
We had one final game of volleyball left and we WON! I say "we",
 but really it's Maddie and all the other volley girls.
It's been a good season, and we've made lots of new friends,
but I'm sure glad it's over and ended on such a great note.
  My calendar and all the ink the that was involved will have time to cool down before the next sport. 
 Did I say the NEXT sport?  Lord, Help Me!

Not only did we have the last week for volleyball, but Mr. D had his final 18 hour shift.  It's been a financial blessing, but I'm so happy it's done!!!  All of the hustle and bustle made it feel like October flew by.  
Didn't we have leaves on the trees a few days ago?  
What happened to all the color? 
 I blinked and it's already faded away.
Found this picture when I was hunting for fall photos.  
"I'll take two golden retrievers with a side of fall please." 
The girls and I have it all planned out.  
We'll get a boy and a girl,  name them 
Miss Penny and Mr. Pickles,
 and live happily ever after. 
Woof! Woof!

With more free time I've been able to put more things in the shop!  I dusted a few cobwebs off the virtual doorway into my Etsy store and added a few more ring pincushions and a new garland.  More items are in production as we speak. 

This little gal didn't have a chance.  
She was sold in just a couple hours.  

How bout this little fella?  

 Be prepared for a plethora of reds, pinks and cozy primitives.  
The big news in the shop are the fantastical international sales.  I want to give a big shout out to
 France and Ireland 
who will be having little pincushions that were made back home in Indiana, 
 with my very own hands. 

Mr. D and I have needed a little getaway time, and we took advantage of the lighter schedule to take a little vacation last weekend.  

A weekend without said two finger boy and his minions..."The Girlies"
Love them, we do, but it's always good to have some time away.

We toured around Indy for most of the day on Friday and then headed to Cincinnati where we hit the closest IKEA store. 
 Just give me one of those living rooms and a bowl of Swedish meatballs and I'd be happy as a clam.
 Yep, I do think I could live there quite happily.
I would love to have this hanging somewhere in my house. 
 It's impractical and I'm sure it's a pain to clean,
 but OOO LA LA, it's pretty!
This sweet thang, however, did come home with us.  
It's very practical and useful, but ours is in a soft pinky color.  
Perfect for my work area.

We headed home late Saturday night so that we would be able to go to church Sunday morning and take a couple of house tours.  
One complete curveball opportunity that has just popped up is renting space in an old school house and having access to the grounds for chickens and gardens.  
I know it sounds way out there and strange, but we are the unconventional types and we do like a good adventure.

All I can say to that is..."We'll see."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For the love of chocolate...

I've recently discovered that, as I've gotten older, my love of chocolate must carefully be timed out with the rotation of the earth and the cycle of the moon!

According to how my night went, 
I'm not allowed to eat chocolate 
after 6:00 PM.
(Sun is beginning to set) 

 The result is serious heartburn
 at 2:00 AM! 
(Moon is out)

I then don't get back to sleep 
until 6:00 AM.
(Sun is rising)  
Mr. D comes home from work 
and finds me sleeping in the garden!
(Just kiddin', I was up by 10:00 AM)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finicky Observation #1!

I went to the grocery store today and discovered something strange about myself.  

I'll buy produce that is unpackaged and that people have touched and manhandled...
...but I won't buy toilet paper that its packaging has been broken.  

What sense does that make? 

I think I'm afraid someone will poison my hiney!!   

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sometimes I feel like this... what I want is right in front of my eyes, and yet, there's always something in the way.

As most of you know, we've recently moved to a new town,

 a few hours from our old town, 

in the same state.  
It'll be coming up on a year in January, and I feel like if I keep saying "recently " it won't seem so strange that I still haven't settled in on the fact that we're here, that this is "THE move", and that it appears that we'll be here for the next several long, indefinite years.

I won't pretend that I have dealt with these recent (there's that word again) changes with any amount of grace.     I've sulked, cried, grumbled and futzed my way into a pit.  A pit that was pulling me deeper into a despair that felt like a warm blanket that I loved to pull over my head, and that usually resulted in me doing just that in my real marshmallow bed.  I've not allowed myself to see past the darkness of this house and realize that it's just a rental and not permanent. 

I have a pattern of moving into a house and then, within months, I begin looking for a new one.  Now, I'm not meaning to make excuses for myself, but there really is a reason for this!  By the time Daryn and I were married 
(19 yrs old...way to young...I digress), 
I had moved more times than I have fingers and toes and I'll let ya know, 
I'm not missing any digits as far as I've checked today.

  It's what I know.  
It's how it has been. 

On top of my childhood history, there is also the fact that we have been through many lay offs, over many years, that have left us with a feeling of instability.  Always being on the ready to sell your home can cause you to begin living as if you don't really have one, and that the one you are in is always being prepared for someone else to enjoy. It's kept me from being at peace with my husband and truly letting him know that I appreciate all of his hard work and diligence. 

My wonderful husband has been putting in some serious overtime lately.  For example, Sunday night he went into work at 11pm to get off work at 6:30pm Monday night.  He keeps me speechless by the things that he sacrifices for our family.  The lack of sleep that this man endures is only a minute part of what he does to keep  this family ticking, and there are just a few things he asks in return.  
(I'm likin' the monkeys today)
"Don't drink my Dr. Pepper, leave me a couple cookies for when I get home, and let me watch my woodworking show on Saturday morning without anyone asking me questions."  He's pretty low maintenance, and yet he somehow finds the grace to lovingly nurture a high maintenance wife who has much more exasperating expectations on how life should be.  

In the last year, a strange new sensation has overtaken the gypsy in me, and she has been replaced with a gardener longing to plant roots, establish a homestead, build a foundation, and become part of a community.

I long for every bit of it even though it's so foreign to me, and all I know of it comes from stories I've heard or seen in the lives of others.  

Mr. D is a root guy. Always has been, and I'm pretty sure always will be.  I'm ready to be a root gal with him and have some little root children.  Okay, so they aren't so little anymore. But, I want to be a bloom where you're planted kind of root gal too.  
Oh gracious sakes, this is the hard part.  
I don't bloom very easily. 
 If you came to my house you would see that we've been here almost a year and I don't have curtains properly hung, there is one picture hanging in this house, and I have half a garage full of boxes that haven't been unpacked.  

All this to say, I need to give Mr. D a break from my obsession about moving, he's got enough going on.
I have to let God lead us to where he wants us to be in His timing.  
You heard it here!! 
 I'm stepping back from trying to get it all figured out.  
God knows the desires of our hearts, but I want His desires to be my desires. 
 It's the only way I'll find peace, and I have to trust that no matter where He plants us, there will be plenty, there will be joy, and it will be exactly what will bring Him glory.

God Bless Ya'll More and More!!       

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

That's One Big Apple.. what I think every time I look at that new banner.  
Took that picture myself, I did!  
Now look at how it dominates this blog!  
Kind of like all the BIG apples in my basket right now.  

WOW, it has been a busy month already and we've still got a week to go.  Didn't I say that we were going to get to rest?  We turned that boob tube off  to find some peace and quiet, and really we found that we had a ton of junk to do that we had either put off, or a bunch of  new stuff  that I hadn't really thought about being added to all the new stuff, and then throw a but of SURPRISE stuff in the mix, and well, need I say more in this amazingly grammatically incorrect run on sentence?? NO... I think you get the picture!  

So many things have been going on. 
I feel as though I've left ya'll wondering if I fell off the face of the earth.  
The answer is, YES! 

After I climbed back on, 

 I thought I should start with the first and most important adventure of the month.

My mother has moved in with us. 
 I think for soitin' that I hear some of you gaspin' in disbelief.  
But it's true. 

 I gotta tell ya, it's been more of a blessing that I had ever expected.  Like the other day, I had appointments up the whazoo, and a volley ball game to boot, and I wasn't sure how I was going to manage getting all these people fed and cheer my girlie on as she kicked some volley ball bootie.  
Then, it suddenly occurred to me, 
MAMA can make dinner!!  

Ohhhh, it was wonderful.  
Walking into my home, with the delicious aroma of won tons being made and ready to throw into a heavenly bubbly soup, was like a gift, a gift I tell ya!  
She is wonderful, simply wonderful, beyond words wonderful 
(a little sucking up never hurts, I've got a menu to plan this week..."Hi Mom!  Love YOU!") 

 I really couldn't ask for a better mom.  She has helped with so much, and the kids have really enjoyed her being here.  She's even made game night a ton of fun too!  She's now known to Maddie as,
 "Granny in Hot Pants" 
 because of her clues for Catch Phrase.  
(Sorry, too weird to explain further, and yet being left a mystery makes it even better.)
  Kinda cool how this picture went perfectly with my ramblings...
see how she's looking at those sweet words? 
 I'll pay for the "hot pants" comment later.

I know you're wondering what else has kept me from my blogging duties.  
As a woman on the verge quoting Inigo Montoya, "Led hme sumb up..."

1.  Mamma moved in...(we covered this, but more to come)
2. Volley Ball...Volley Ball...and MORE Volley Ball, The Underdog Story, very exciting!!!!
3. Apple Pickin' (did ya see the pic above?  How could ya miss it??)
4. Morgan's Birthday!  Ok...this poor kid's birthday is actually on August 1st.  We needed to wait to get all the fam together to celebrate.  That's just how we work.  
5.  Volley Ball...did I mention that?  oops sorry.
6.  School has begun!  Homeschooling, an adventure in itself with 2 in High School and 1 in 8th!
7.  Drama...Drama that I won't discuss here, but be sure we've had our fill, could use your prayers, and know that God is good.

I will be filling you in on many more of our September adventures soon, and I haven't forgotten about the giveaway that I mentioned a while back.  

I love you all, and thank you for your patience!!


Friday, September 3, 2010

I came across this poem the other day...I'm not sure who the author is, 
but they sure hit the nail right on the head!

I was shocked, confused, bewildered 
As I entered Heaven's door
Not by the beauty of it all, 
Nor the lights or its decor. 

But it was the folks in Heaven 
Who made me sputter and gasp-- 
The thieves, the liars, the sinners,
The alcoholics and the trash. 

There stood the kid from seventh grade 
Who swiped my lunch money twice. 
Next to him was my old neighbor 
Who never said anything nice. 

Bob, who I always thought 
Was rotting away in hell, 
Was sitting pretty on cloud nine, 
Looking incredibly well. 

I nudged Jesus, 'What's the deal? 
I would love to hear Your take. 
How'd all these sinners get up here? 
God must've made a mistake. 

'And why is everyone so quiet, 
So somber - give me a clue.' 
'Hush, child,' He said,
'they're all in shock. 
No one thought they'd be seeing you.' 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

30 Days

Here it is, 
 Isn't it exciting we're moving into a new season?  

We'll be starting school in about a week, 
and I can sense the tempo of the house is about to drastically change. 

 Gone will be our lazy days of summer,
 and we'll soon be back to the grind stone, pounding away at the books.

  We'll be diving into Algebra 1 and 2, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, 
and a plethora of subjects that will fill our brains to the brim...
The BRIM I tell ya!!

  The best way we've found to start out our school year is by putting away unnecessary distractions, and really hunkering down and focusing on the tasks at hand.  

One simple way that we do this is by turning the television off for the month of September.  
Yeppers...the WHOLE Month!!
(Do ya like the fuzzy screen? I like the fuzzy screen!)

This will allow us to tackle this school year head on.  

We aren't big TV watchers, really.
It usually doesn't get flipped on until after dinner,
 and I think the only show we've consistently watched this summer has been 
America's Got Talent

Have you seen this amazing child?
Her names Jackie Evancho...


Even though we don't watch a lot of  TV, we are, however, big movie watchers.  
This is where it gets kinda tough.  

We'd all rather get together a couple times a week and watch an old movie or a new movie.
Tuesday we said farewell to the boob-tube by renting  
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
It brought out all the deep down immaturity that lingers in the recesses of my youthfulness.  

We like to call this a TV Fast in all of it's spiritual significance as well.  
We see this as being somewhat similar to giving something up for Lent.  This becomes an intentional time to refocus our thinking as a family by praying together, and then listening to hear God's voice. 
Amazing things can happen during this time! 
We anticipate it, and long for it.

Family time increases as well!  
Ah Yes, Rest!
Rest is GOOD!

If you'd like to check out our TV fast from last year, begin reading this post
and follow along.  
Back then, I made a goal to blog every day. 
 This year, because of a crazy busy schedule,
 I will commit to doing my best at keeping ya'll posted on the happenin's.

What are some of your ideas to get your family refocused on school?
I'd love to hear from ya! 
There will be more changes coming to our humble home that will be announced soon!
An Anniversary GIVEAWAY too!!!...WOOOWHOO! 

God Bless Ya!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Giveaway!

Lately I've been collecting beautiful vintage sheets to eventually...
when I get the nerve...
cut them up into usable fabric.

In all my daydreaming about what I can do with this fabric, I came across a great blog that encouraged more collecting and pattern ideas.  
You'll have to check it out, cause it'll make ya wanna raid Aunt Lou Lou's linen closet!

On top of all the other goodness you'll find...
 Jen, over at All Things Vintage Sheets is having an amazing 
Moda Fabric GIVEAWAY!!
You could win THIS!

Or THIS...

Or Even THIS!!!

So what are ya waiting for...git on over there and enter!
God Bless Ya'll!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Redo!

First, I want to thank all of you for your support in my blog redo fiasco adventure. 
I felt ya'll cheering me on!  
"You can do it!", I'd hear in my head.  
Then I heard, "You did figured it out! 
 Now lets just tweak this one thing and........AAAAAHHHHH NOOOOO!" 
 It all was once again a warmpeejawed mess.  
I like to make up works when I get frustrated.  

I'll be explaining the steps I took in this process later on in the blog..  I hope that I may shine a small glimmer of hope in someone's direction.  Hoping, as well, to take at least one of the thorns of blog design out of a sweet friend's paw. 

But first, you may want to opt out of the short rant and melodrama that is coming in the next few paragraphs.
Warning!  A slight sign of immaturity on my part to come!


As some of you may know, I don't deal well with change.  I liked the old Blogger Templates.  They were easy.  They made sense. 
 I could use the Minima template and find any cute blog skin to go with it.  

BUT THEN...they changed it all.  

There then came the dreaded "Template Designer NEW", love how they make the "NEW" stand out like it's something wonderful.  Maybe to some, but not to me ruthless blog master...I will not be tempted or defeated in the quest for a cuter blog!  Your spang~dangly options don't interest me.  Keep your flashbliggityblang backgrounds with their cookoomonga font selections. I was drawn in. 
 ONLY because there weren't any other options. 
 I couldn't find my beloved old template designer. 

Gone I tell you...GONE FOREVA!

(Thank the Lord)

I'm going to keep the rest simple, because I like simple and I assume since ya'll like do like me!  Right?...that you want things simple too. 

Here it goes.

~Go to Design in your Dashboard

~Click "Template Designer NEW"...grrrrrr 

~It should open on the Templates tab

~I picked Ethereal because it seemed to be the easiest to work with, but if you're brave, play around with the others

~Go to the Layout Tab...hands are getting clammy as  I write this. Here is where I got really frustrated with all the new gadgetry.  Breathe...Breathe...Breathe...ok..I'll go on.

~Clearly, I selected the template very similar to the Minima template.  All of my blog posts are the majority of the left, while my gadgets hang on the right.  

~Then I selected Adjust Width....Breathing still....I set my entire blog at 820 px and the Right side bar at 300px.  This seemed to work well with centering my blog banner and keeping all of the new little blog tags from hanging over the side.  It's best to play around and find what works for your pictures.

~I went back to the tabs and selected Background.  This was kinda fun...shhhh don't tell the blog master I said that.  I went to the Transparent backgrounds and picked polka dots.

~To change the color of the polka dots you go to the Advanced tab...I found that changing colors was pretty easy.  It highlights what your changing so you can see what's happening to your blog.

As you read in the previous post, I was having trouble getting the blog banner centered.  
Well...lemme tell ya.  
It was a lot of play with this and fidget with that to get it in the middle.

Here was that process:
~I went to Picasa and selected the picture I wanted.

~I then clicked on the Edit tab

~This took me to Picnik which is a great place to play around with your pictures.  I have to admit that I hadn't done any of my pic editing here until this weekend.  LOVE IT!

~Under the Edit Tab I, go to resize

~Check the Keep Proportions and then enter 940 in the first dimensions box.  It will keep your pic looking like it should.  When I unclicked Keep Proportions my picture stretched.

~To add a little bliggityblang to my picture I then went to the Create tab, then Seasonal, then Valentine's Day, and then Heart's Desire.  This gave the picture its glowy spotlight look.

There ya have it!  
I've also made some changes to my settings per suggestions made by some great bloggers out there.  
It just so happened that there were a few who were posting about blog improvements and they were so handy.

Here's a list of great help.
Cindy @ Cottage Instincts~wonderful post about growing your blog following, what a sweetie too, with tons of great cottage decor idears
Kim @ Cheap Chic Home ~ I'm looking forward to reading more of her blogs, she was the one with the great idea to make the pic 940 px.  A wise woman indeedy.
Brenda @ Cozy Little House ~ She did a question and answer post that helped a lot!  I see that she's also done a post to help get a  3 column blog.  I long for a 3 column blog...but I've had my fill for now.  Maybe I'll tackle it down the road.  At least I'll know where to get the help!  Thank you Jayme (Tales from the Coop Keeper) for sending me her way.

God Bless Ya!
Hope ya like the new look!

Friday, August 20, 2010


As you can see I'm giving my blog a new look.
Actually, it's an old look that I purchased a year ago, and have yet to figure it out.
I would L♥VE some advice on how to get my banner centered, bigger, and any other helpful hints from all of you wonderful ladies out there.
I am a little frustrated with the NEW template thingy that Blogger has in the Dash. I think it's just confused me even more than ever!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Butcher

We moved down around Indianapolis in January and have been on the search for a butcher shop like the one we used to go to.
Lowery's in Buchanan, MI, has the best deals on good meat, like fresh cut New York Strip for $3/lb or less.
OH Ma ma ma ma good times....good eats.
Check it out if you're ever in the area...Buchanan is super small, so it's easy to find.

Well...with all our searching high and low, we just haven't found a market here that you can buy in bulk and save like we did back home. We have, however, come across one meat market that I'm sure we will be frequenting.

As soon as you walk in, you know that you've entered through the plate glass doors of hog heaven!
It's filled with the beautiful aroma of meats that have been cured and smoked on site without any preservatives or fillers!
Maybe that wouldn't be hog heaven, possibly hog he!!
...not so great for the hog but great for us!
Kinda like this!
I digress...

This Saturday was our first trip to the south east side of Indy to see what owner Claus Muth had to offer. Being new to the German assortments of meats, we were curious and ready to try some new things.

You'll notice right away, "You AIN'T in Kansas, no mo!"

Hot dogs don't look like hot dogs!

Bologna don't look like bologna!

Then there are all of the different blood meats that I can't even begin to comprehend anyone eating. But seeing them didn't spoil the moment. Just because things weren't prepackaged foods that I grew up on didn't mean my palate couldn't handle something more mature

The service there is impeccable!
The older gentleman behind the counter was so nice and helpful.

He looked like a butcher.

He sounded like a butcher.

He had my confidence he was the butcher.

We told him we had never been there before, and we were wondering if he could help us pick out some new things. He gave us some newbie friendly suggestions so we could make several small selections.
He said, "Take our flyer that has everything listed on it and buy in small portions. What you don't like, mark off."

He was a man of wisdom, with a great sense of humor.
He was suddenly, "My butcher!"

We bonded over bologna!

We bantered over bacon!

I felt that nothing could change this euphoric moment between us....

and then...

I don't know if I can say it


he slipped me the tongue!

Yes! Right there in the shop!

Mr. D standing right there!

I had trusted this man! We had history (about 10 minutes).

He was sneaky!

This is how it all went down: I saw him grab something in the cooler. It was small enough to fit in his hand and not be seen clearly. He didn't say a word, and he just took it over to the meat slicer to shave some off. He came back to us, and reaching over the counter, handed us each a petite little slice of "something". "Try this!", he said.

"!", replied Mr. D...I mean me.

It was mild, nice texture, clearly came from a small strangely shaped loaf.

"Do you like it?", said the butcher with an ulterior motive.

"'s ok! What is it?"

"It's tongue!", he says with a smile on his face.

Suddenly my world changed. Every bit of what was left in my mouth, hangin' out in my teeth began to...well...taste me back.

I could feel things stirring in me, and my only hope was to swallow hard. Look out the window...swallow hard...look at all the birdies...swallow hard.

Ok, so my palate ain't so mature.

"You liked it before I told you what it was, didn't you?" he says now with a smirk across his face.

"Ummm...kinda...(swallowing hard again).

Needing to put this little moment behind us, we continued to make our selections. We selected about four different kinds of bologna, ham and turkey lunch meat, and some of the best hot dogs we've ever eaten.

They're on the far left of this picture.

It's so's like they're linked together just like in the cartoons!!

( Immature dork alert!)

One of the wonderful new things we had to try was

Holiday Loaf/Schweinebauch ~wrapped in bacon.

(#41 on the list...will not be marked off, but maybe circled with a heart)

Oh, it was delicious!

I tried to girl it up good by serving it on a croissant.

Horrible picture, but really good eats.

So if you're ever in the neighborhood, be sure to stop in to Claus' and tell him the lady that choked down the tongue says, "Hi."

Coming soon!!

We also purchased the

DOUBLE Smoked Bacon!

I'll be baking it in the oven just like ya'll suggested.

Ya'll Come Back Now! Ya Hear?


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