Thursday, September 2, 2010

30 Days

Here it is, 
 Isn't it exciting we're moving into a new season?  

We'll be starting school in about a week, 
and I can sense the tempo of the house is about to drastically change. 

 Gone will be our lazy days of summer,
 and we'll soon be back to the grind stone, pounding away at the books.

  We'll be diving into Algebra 1 and 2, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, 
and a plethora of subjects that will fill our brains to the brim...
The BRIM I tell ya!!

  The best way we've found to start out our school year is by putting away unnecessary distractions, and really hunkering down and focusing on the tasks at hand.  

One simple way that we do this is by turning the television off for the month of September.  
Yeppers...the WHOLE Month!!
(Do ya like the fuzzy screen? I like the fuzzy screen!)

This will allow us to tackle this school year head on.  

We aren't big TV watchers, really.
It usually doesn't get flipped on until after dinner,
 and I think the only show we've consistently watched this summer has been 
America's Got Talent

Have you seen this amazing child?
Her names Jackie Evancho...


Even though we don't watch a lot of  TV, we are, however, big movie watchers.  
This is where it gets kinda tough.  

We'd all rather get together a couple times a week and watch an old movie or a new movie.
Tuesday we said farewell to the boob-tube by renting  
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
It brought out all the deep down immaturity that lingers in the recesses of my youthfulness.  

We like to call this a TV Fast in all of it's spiritual significance as well.  
We see this as being somewhat similar to giving something up for Lent.  This becomes an intentional time to refocus our thinking as a family by praying together, and then listening to hear God's voice. 
Amazing things can happen during this time! 
We anticipate it, and long for it.

Family time increases as well!  
Ah Yes, Rest!
Rest is GOOD!

If you'd like to check out our TV fast from last year, begin reading this post
and follow along.  
Back then, I made a goal to blog every day. 
 This year, because of a crazy busy schedule,
 I will commit to doing my best at keeping ya'll posted on the happenin's.

What are some of your ideas to get your family refocused on school?
I'd love to hear from ya! 
There will be more changes coming to our humble home that will be announced soon!
An Anniversary GIVEAWAY too!!!...WOOOWHOO! 

God Bless Ya!!


Tete said...

I love the fuzzy tv!
I do not watch much tv at all- 2 hours a week at the most.
My husband, only the other hand, turns it on as soon as he walks in the door and it's on until he goes to bed.
I like the quiet and the kids used to call it child abuse when I would only let them watch one morning show and then make them go outside to play.
I love your idea of no tv for the month. It is amazing how mush living you miss sitting on the sofa!
Good luck with your new year of school!

laylablue said...

the fuzzy tv
reminds me of our mini-sony 10 inch
antennae and orange twist & push power knob
only got 15,21,33, and wait for it...... 55 (fox)
heather, you remember those ft. wayne stations!
ch. 15 was always wavy/crackly
oh, and sometimes, if we were lucky, we could get PBS! that was ch. 39, and it was notorious for cutting out in the middle of Anne of Green Gables. boo hoo.
does she ever kiss Gilbert?
being intentional and choosy about tv watching is a great plan, even in the summer months.

Teresa said...

I just love all the organization and good intentions that gear us all up for a new school year. I have to admit to having the tv on in the background a lot of the day though! It keeps me company when my house is empty. (And it's always turned to the news - how depressing is that!)

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Heatha! It's bittersweet reading this post with my boy child up in the real school now. I really love the idea of no tv for Sept. I'd like to remove the TV all together, but I do like my Netflix. I just hate the watching TV for the sake of something to do. Can't wait to find out how your studies go this year. Make sure you find time for a NW IN field trip. I could take you to the National Dunes Lakeshore State Park. The most diverse plant life ever - seriously - k? Muffins and bacon would be included. No charge.


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