Tuesday, September 21, 2010

That's One Big Apple.. what I think every time I look at that new banner.  
Took that picture myself, I did!  
Now look at how it dominates this blog!  
Kind of like all the BIG apples in my basket right now.  

WOW, it has been a busy month already and we've still got a week to go.  Didn't I say that we were going to get to rest?  We turned that boob tube off  to find some peace and quiet, and really we found that we had a ton of junk to do that we had either put off, or a bunch of  new stuff  that I hadn't really thought about being added to all the new stuff, and then throw a but of SURPRISE stuff in the mix, and well, need I say more in this amazingly grammatically incorrect run on sentence?? NO... I think you get the picture!  

So many things have been going on. 
I feel as though I've left ya'll wondering if I fell off the face of the earth.  
The answer is, YES! 

After I climbed back on, 

 I thought I should start with the first and most important adventure of the month.

My mother has moved in with us. 
 I think for soitin' that I hear some of you gaspin' in disbelief.  
But it's true. 

 I gotta tell ya, it's been more of a blessing that I had ever expected.  Like the other day, I had appointments up the whazoo, and a volley ball game to boot, and I wasn't sure how I was going to manage getting all these people fed and cheer my girlie on as she kicked some volley ball bootie.  
Then, it suddenly occurred to me, 
MAMA can make dinner!!  

Ohhhh, it was wonderful.  
Walking into my home, with the delicious aroma of won tons being made and ready to throw into a heavenly bubbly soup, was like a gift, a gift I tell ya!  
She is wonderful, simply wonderful, beyond words wonderful 
(a little sucking up never hurts, I've got a menu to plan this week..."Hi Mom!  Love YOU!") 

 I really couldn't ask for a better mom.  She has helped with so much, and the kids have really enjoyed her being here.  She's even made game night a ton of fun too!  She's now known to Maddie as,
 "Granny in Hot Pants" 
 because of her clues for Catch Phrase.  
(Sorry, too weird to explain further, and yet being left a mystery makes it even better.)
  Kinda cool how this picture went perfectly with my ramblings...
see how she's looking at those sweet words? 
 I'll pay for the "hot pants" comment later.

I know you're wondering what else has kept me from my blogging duties.  
As a woman on the verge quoting Inigo Montoya, "Led hme sumb up..."

1.  Mamma moved in...(we covered this, but more to come)
2. Volley Ball...Volley Ball...and MORE Volley Ball, The Underdog Story, very exciting!!!!
3. Apple Pickin' (did ya see the pic above?  How could ya miss it??)
4. Morgan's Birthday!  Ok...this poor kid's birthday is actually on August 1st.  We needed to wait to get all the fam together to celebrate.  That's just how we work.  
5.  Volley Ball...did I mention that?  oops sorry.
6.  School has begun!  Homeschooling, an adventure in itself with 2 in High School and 1 in 8th!
7.  Drama...Drama that I won't discuss here, but be sure we've had our fill, could use your prayers, and know that God is good.

I will be filling you in on many more of our September adventures soon, and I haven't forgotten about the giveaway that I mentioned a while back.  

I love you all, and thank you for your patience!!



Tete said...

Welcome back! Glad you had time to climb back on, and the energy.
Maybe your mom can help out with your blogging. I would love to hear her take on the hot pants thing!
Hugs- Tete

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Girl - You've been busy!! I would love having my mama with us. A blessing, for sure!

Also, I hate to bring up a sore subject, but I ate at M last week. And I cracked up and told Cory how you sent me a picture of The Little Guy!!

Joycee said...

I just popped over from Jayme's blog and you are too funny! I'm tired just reading your September "To Do" list! It will be a great thing to have Mom close. Remember that family members have to pull their weight and it works! Our oldest daughter and her family relocated to our town this summer so we had a housefull for several weeks. It can be done, and we didn't kill each other! Come visit my blog and I'm on facebook with a recipe sharing group...Granny Mountain. Love your outlook girl!

laylablue said...

hello friend.
looks like you are back in the swing of things.
let's make plans!

say howdy to your mom for me :)

Mandy said...

Hey Haether, Thanks for stopping by to see me! Yes the Thin Man was different but I did get a good laugh! I've seen Rear Window, but not the otherone, I'll go write it down! Jimmy Stewart is my favorite. And yes I agree, today's actors have nothin' on the old ones. My kids get subjected too;) I'll come back and 'hang out' here when I've got more than a minute!!

Teresa said...

I LOVE your big apple's gorgeous! September's always crazy, isn't it? My October's not looking much better for me....oh well, there's always January to rest up.

Anonymous said...

From Bulgaria with love...

LOVE THE PRODUCTS- you are soo creative and they are just and cute up close!

Reading your blog...
you tickle me pink.
Tell me mates (rugrats) I can't wait to see them in spring and hullo to mum and The Man.

Gardening... quite a proverb for life. Throw on a bunch of fertilizer (ahem) and if you choose to take the good from it, you grow. Heaven knows I have stepped in it, fallen in it, gave some to others (without meaning to) but one thing I know... I choose to grow. You can remind me of that from time to time when I am up to my ears. If things were all rosy, I wouldn't know Grace. Most of the mistakes are mine, of course, though I don't enjoy owning up. If things were always peachy, I wouldn't know how to extend grace to others. I am thankful for the Lord's example and His forgiveness.


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