Thursday, July 29, 2010

Staying Out In The Rain...

A few days ago, I sent my kiddos out to break up some branches in the back yard. The goal was to get this job finished before the giant black cloud that was heading our way burst open and spoiled all the fun. cleaning up branches isn't really F U N. I thought I'd try and make it sound better than, "Git that mess a sticks picked up be-fur yer pa gets home!"

About 5 minutes into the job, sure enough, came a downpour that could drown a duck. Being the good mother I am, I thought that they should all come in before they catch their death or more like, were seen by the neighbors slaving away in the rain.

I gave a good holler....No answer!

I hollered again...Nuttin'

This is what they were up to!

Now I know for certain the neighbors think the "new folk" are crazy now.
There they were...splashin' around like they didn't have a care in the world. It really did my heart good to see them having so much fun.


I was spotted!
Hello, son!

Stating the obvious, I say, "Do you know it's raining?"

"Uh HUH!" Maddie, the practical thinker asks, "Will this give us pneumonia?"

"No more than a sprinkler will!"

She giggles and laughs, "Good!"

Who am I to spoil all the fun?

I hope it's raining JOY where you are!

God Bless Your Day!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Garden Inspiration...PINK LINKS

I feel like I've been missing out on all the beautiful blooms this year. I haven't done a garden since we've moved, so, I decided to create one right here on my post.

Take a look at these beautiful garden inspired Pink Links.
♥All the florals and soft shades that you can imagine♥
Don't forget that if you click on the Pink Links, you'll be taken directly to the shop where you can find all of the pretties you are looking for.

Whenever I feel the whims of "Girlie-ness" coming over me, I make a quick stop over to
Here is a new item that she calls Emma,
a 14K Gold Filled Charm Necklace.
Isn't it just...just...beautiful?
If you stop into her BLOG as well, you'll see that she is offering gift certificates for her Etsy shop. This is an excellent idea for that special friend who, maybe, doesn't live as close as you wish. Why not surprise her with a shopping spree at Tamar's?

Now, you know me and new shops!
If I find one that I like, I HAVE to share it with you.
They always have that wonderful new shop smell...
Breathe Couture, I swear, smells like ROSES!
Go on...take a look and see!...I mean smell...Oh, you know what I mean!
is just one of the beautiful pieces that you'll find here.
But, I wouldn't be doing this shop justice if I didn't mention the photography!
It's so dreamy and romantic!

Now who snuck this in here?
That silly Frog!!!
would be a perfect decorative piece for your garden table setting.
Or, imagine it draped across your mantel!
Visit my shop, The Finicky Frog, for more details.

Each time I see this Lovely Day photograph
I feel my pinkie finger start to twitch!
There it goes again!
I love every bit of this photo, especially the sweet little blue birds on the tea cups. Generally, when I come across something I like, I'm drawn to it simply because it hits me like sweet eye candy should. But, I do try to find out a little more about the person that I'm putting on my blog before I share their world with you all. Let me just say, I'm intrigued and fascinated by Elle Moss. Every bit of info I found on her led me to more and more. I have every intention on discovering more about this wonderful artist through her blogs
and I'd encourage you to do the same.

I suddenly have the urge to go and buy a closet full of beautiful shoes,
and it's all because of
The Petal Shoes Print is just one little selection of her talent.
Take time to look at each of her paintings, and you'll see why I would love to be able to step right into that world and settle in!
I think I could even let a little hedgehog scamper around on my kitchen counter...
well, if he's as cute as the one she has on hers.
Don't just stop at her Etsy site.
Stroll on over to her BLOG and Website to see more!

Have you ever seen The Pink Palace?
If you haven't, here is a little peek at what's inside.
You really don't need to say a thing...
Go ahead...
Look again!
Pretty, HUH!?!
Isn't this just the prettiest Pillow?
It looks so soft and fluffy and PINK!
Be prepared for a burst of beauty when you go to this shop.

Start your own romantic garden with this
They're so cute!
Did I just say that about a plant?
Look at that little pink one in the middle!
You know how some people talk to plants?...I think I could talk to these.
"Hello little make me smile!"
Find this assortment and more over at Succulents on Etsy!

I know that these earrings really have no garden significance,
but I can make it
Picture yourself, strolling through your garden on a cool summer morning. You're dressed to the nines because you're waiting for Mr. Darcy to come out of the mist in his white fluffy shirt. The sun rises, and your
catch the sun's rays and signal to the man of your dreams that you're walking between the lupines and hollyhocks.
OK....So, I just had to add these because they are just too pretty for words.
Check out Jessica's shop,
JMG Jewel Design, and her BLOG to see more of her work.

All of these selections have come from a Treasury I've put together on Etsy.
Flow the pink link to see even more Garden Inspired Items.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C...






Check out Elizabeth Cat's Blog....
It's just bursting with
All of these amazing projects and photos are from her wonderfully inspiring blog!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Take Me Home To The Movies!

It's time for a new thread of posts that I'd like to call,
Take Me Home To The Movies!
A little place you can go for great movie night ideas!

Sometimes it's hard to find a film that everyone can watch or will even enjoy. So, to be sure that my selections will appeal to as broad an audience as I can muster, I won't suggest anything that hasn't been watched by my whole crew. This would include, a darling couple in their 30's (don't laugh...I meant Mr. D and I) with their three loving children...a 16 year old son, and two daughters, ages 12 and 14. I will occasionally have the input of my dear mother, who is at an age that I deeply respect and trust her theatrical opinion. (Love you Mama!)

This weeks movie suggestion is Houseboat
If you click on the Pink Links you will find a review of the movie with a page full of photos from different scenes, and the actor's biographies.

It's a perfect summertime film that will get you itching to go to the lake
and take the kids fishing.
It will inspire you to kick off your shoes
and spend the night out under the stars with the ones you love.

My whole family gasped at the final remodeling of this adorable houseboat.
Just a quaint little cottage on the water...gotta love it!
We all decided that we could easily pack up our bags and make the move.

If I haven't convinced you yet!
Also, the beautiful Sophia Loren sings! I didn't know that she sang!

How about a mystery treat to go with the movie!
How is it a mystery treat?
You have to find out why I picked this recipe, and how it goes perfectly with the movie.

No Bake Cookies!
Here's the online recipe from Gimme Some Oven that's just like the one I use!

We found this movie at our local library!

Most libraries have free movies or rentals for a fraction of the price of a video store.
Take the time to go to yours and see if they have it!

Here's the dealio...
I'm wantin' to hear from you!
I'm itchin' to hear from you!
I'm waitin' to hear from you!
Please leave your review of the movie in the comments, and let me know if you have a favorite movie that you'd like to suggest!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting Real...

I l♥ve it when you see this title on a blog!
It means that someone is about to divulge some dirty little secret about their life, or about someone they know....

(Mwa-ha-ha-ha...rubbing hands together,
then with her best Snidley Whiplash physique,
pulls her cape over her face)

I'm out of coffee this morning. Can ya tell?

Really, this story is a case of "he said, she said".
She was reminded of the incident from an outside source, and asked him if it went the way she thought it went, or even thought that it shoulda went, because really how could she have actually done it, and he was like...ummm, no you really did ...yes.. nooooooooo...umm yess you did. OMG I DID!

It all started the other day when I came across a hysterical music video by Anita've gotta check it out.

Well, see, there's a line in there where she says,
♫"I'm so tired of shaving!"♫
Which is really funny...come on it is!

It really got me thinking and remembering a moment between Daryn and I. So, I asked him about it the other night...


Here's the sitting at my crafting table and Daryn sitting at the computer with all the kids are around us.

I said, "I was watchin' that Anita Refroe video. You know, that one I showed you."

"Yeah.", as he's still messing around on the computer.

Chuckle, chuckle, "Well, it reminded me of that time I had just showered, and you were sittin' on the couch, and I came in and kicked my legs over your lap."

"Yeah.", with a little glance up, and then back to what he was doing.

"Didn't you like, rub my legs and say, 'oh, you shaved!'"?

"Huh?", starting to give full attention.

"You know...the time I said, "Yeah, you're lucky I shaved both, or something like that."...slightly unsure Chuckle...chuck...le?

Crooked grin beginning to come across his face....ALWAYS beware of the crooked grin!!!!

"WHaaatt?" With a little too much laughter to make me comfortable.

"Wasn't that how it went?, I say as I quickly flip through the dusty memory file in my brain.

"Uh, no!", with his eyes wide open and a little shake from his head. If the eyes open wide and you get the crooked grin...well, you're done for! The keyboard has been pushed back into the stored position in the desk. He's definitely giving me his FULL attention now.

Wait for it....Wait for it....NOT THE CROOKED GRIN!!!

"I didn't!"

"Yes, you did."



"I only shaved one leg????!!!!"

" just gave up!"



You should have seen my kids faces.....PRICELESS!
I laughed so hard it hurt....really it did!

Feel free to carry that little bit of info around with ya today, and when things just seem like you can't manage one more thing, remember you can laugh and tell the whole world about it in your blog one day!

Big Hugs!! And LOT'SA L♥ve to all of you!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Boy...

This stunning child...
("he's just beautiful", my grandmother would say)

...came into this world in North Carolina, on a cool April morning.
(North Kaka-laka as my honey says).

We were living off base while Daryn was in the Marine Corps.
("Oo Rah!", as the Marines say)

I gotta lotta folks sayin' stuff....

My water broke when I decided to blow up a bag of 100 little tiny balloons to surprise Daryn for his birthday!
I's romantical!
Let's just say, he had a bigger birthday surprise than a bunch of balloons scattered all over the house.

It wasn't like....puff puff puff...pop!!
The effect was a little delayed,
and thankfully it happened before we went out to celebrate at dinner.

A bunch of pushing and a lot of freaking out later....
I had my little, 6lb 4 oz, bundle of joy!
Here he is at about serious...taking it all in.

I love everything about this picture!
My guys!

Now, here's a good lookin' fellow!
All neat and tidy for church!

Back in April I did my son a grave injustice, and did not wish him a Happy Birthday (on my blog) when he turned, of all things, 16.

He has yet to let me forget this...

...not because it was my "blogger mommy duty" that I seriously slacked on.
But, mostly because he wanted me to show you (yes you, the blogging world) this picture.

Are you ready?

Brace yourselves!!!

Put down your coffee, now!!

"Beam me up Scotty"

Here he is sporting his birthday present,
a replica Star Trek phaser that he got from his Mama.
(thanks Mama)
The shirt he ordered with cereal box tops + $10 = "good grief".
(as his mother would say)

The only time I allowed him to wear this shirt, out of the house, was when we took these pictures outside in the back yard.

Occasionally, he sneaks it under another shirt and flashes it at me when we're out in public.

I's sick, I tell ya!

The other night he came out of his bedroom dressed like this.....and then this....This was just to torture me. He knows how much I love this shirt!

He's SOOOOOO good lookin'!
(really he is)

"And, ladies, he's single!!!"
(As Wesley would say)

I gotta love um, 'cause he sure keeps me laughing!

Happy Birthday Wesley!

Note: I'm not a horrible mother! All pictures were agreed upon before being disclosed to the public!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Camping We Will Go...Pink Links

I thought that with it being July and all, I'd like to stay with the theme of summer.
Not the really hot and humid summer like we've been having.
But more like the summer when you don't really remember how hot it was because you were having so much fun.

I have a ton of childhood memories camping with my family.
We would all whole family!
At times, someone in the family had a camper,
but mostly we camped in the BIG BLUE TENT!
The tent that held about 20 people like sardines.
But who cared, you only went in there to sleep.

So, in honor of all you happy campy campers out there,
I dedicate these Pink Links to you!

Don't forget that if you click on the Pink Link, it will take you to the item's Etsy store, where you can shop to your heart's content.
And who knows what other goodies you'll find.

This is my dream for camping!
A vintage Airstream,
out on the open road,
the wind in my hair,
ready for all the adventure that life has waiting for me,
la joie de vivre

....but wait...this is a painting???


This has got to be one of the most interesting pieces of art I've seen.
It's a photo and a painting all mixed up in one amazing piece
But what is paint and what is photo???
It's so shiny!!!
Can't you can feel the sun beaming right off of it??
Check out Leah's Blog and see more of her amazing work...

Head on over to Kit of Parts and check out this
This would be perfect for any get together you've got planned for indoors or out.
Fill it with ice and colorful pop bottles for a great refreshment stand.

Hello, how cool is this?!
It has a pop bottle opener built in on the side!!
And you've just gotta love this color!!

Barbara also has a great blog as well at

It's very important to keep hydrated while your camping!
Really it is! It can get super hot some days!!

Take along this Therm-A-Jug and fill it with fresh, icy water.
This would also look really great in a vintage display
along with a blue cooler
(scroll back up...yep, that one!)
and some other campy stuff you'll find here.

Take a stroll over to Monichelles shop-she's got lots of great stuff in her shop,
and then stop over at her blog and tell her The Finicky Frog says, "Hi!"

Hiking is always fun on a camping trip.
Most campgrounds have great trails marked out for you to take little adventures along.
Here is a great Vintage Roll Up Rucksack
to take with you.
You never know, you just might find that romantic shady spot
to cuddle up with your honey and day dream for a while.
I know, I know...
You probably noticed when you clicked on this item it's sold.
But it was just sooo cool,
I had to include it even though someone has already taken it to add to their stash of great cabin paraphernalia.
BUT, I promise this shop will not disappoint!
There are pages and pages of treasures to look at.

Have you ever had homemade ice cream????
If you haven't, I would put that in the same sad category
as never having seen a Cary Grant movie.
There is nothing like home made ice cream
and it's even better while you're watching
....well you know...Mr. Grant as I like to call him in public.
This is quite the gem of an Ice Cream Maker's completely man powered.
It's never been powered by man,
making it practically brand spankin' new!
Git on over to Gaelianna's Shop
and snatch this baby right up!

My baby girl just saw this picture and said with a soft gasp, "I LOve the Shirt!"
Camping should equal comfort,
and in my book that doesn't always mean a t-shirt!!
Sorry..that last comment was completely directed at my kids...I digress...
Keep it cool and keep it light with this adorable
Love the name
Cat, over at The Wooden Spool
has great feedback, so check her out!

This just makes me giggle every time I look at it.
These little Crochet Camping Bears
are having a good ol' time camping out.
I love the fire and marshmallows!
Hooked Hands is a brand new shop!
Like I've said before, I love new shops.
There's all the excitement and anticipation that comes with doing what you love.
Best wishes from The Finicky Frog on your new adventure.

Time to go fishin'!!
I had one of these Pocket Fisherman poles,
and it was the best pole ever!!
It was so easy to use as a kid.
I was always a "stand on the dock,
look for the fish,
and plop the hook down right in its face"
kind of fisherman.
It really can be very effective!

The Rust and Moth Shop
can get ya all hooked up!
Get it!
I know.

Moving on!

When you go fishing ya gotta have a
It's even better when it's made in the USA!

I've got a story about catching minnows with my cousin Josh.
It was a little gross and a lot of fun.
...I'll just leave it there. ANYWHOOO...

This would also be a great lake cottage decoration!
Put a little flower pot right in the middle
and it would be perfect for the deck!
I just realized this was Monichelles shop again!!!
See, I told ya she's got some great stuff!

Raise your hand if you've ever been to
at a camp ground!!
Very Good!
Then you all know it can really be
a ton of fun meeting new people,
and it's even better when it's timed with a rainy day.
Books and Paper is a new shop,
but this lovely proprietor has two more gorgeous Etsy shops.
Click her Pink Link and you can take a look and see.

Anyone got a light??
I picked this Fire Starter
because I knew that my son would think
it's the coolest thing on my blog!
I love the photo and how you can see the spark so clearly!
Basic Survivor Tool may be a new shop to Etsy,
but they have been in production for 35 years!
Now that's craftsmanship!!
This would make a great gift for the outdoorsman in your life.
This would be a great gift for the electrician in mine!!
Or the teenage boy in mine too!

Now, I know that there are plenty of you ladies that like to go camping
and REALLY rough-it.
But This Sign says it all for me.
You see,
I'm the one that went out last night to play basketball with everyone,
and was annoyed that
"the bugs are touching me!"
(but I still made some killer shots)
I like that my husband makes the fire,
kills the spiders,
and puts up the tent.

Yes, I can do those things,
but I really like that he does them more!

Coral does great custom work in her shop
Think up a great sign and let her burn it for ya!

Well, there ya go! I hope you are all inspired to do a little camping this month!
Get out there and smell the fresh air and roast some 'mallows with the kiddos!

God Bless!


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