Friday, July 9, 2010

A Camping We Will Go...Pink Links

I thought that with it being July and all, I'd like to stay with the theme of summer.
Not the really hot and humid summer like we've been having.
But more like the summer when you don't really remember how hot it was because you were having so much fun.

I have a ton of childhood memories camping with my family.
We would all whole family!
At times, someone in the family had a camper,
but mostly we camped in the BIG BLUE TENT!
The tent that held about 20 people like sardines.
But who cared, you only went in there to sleep.

So, in honor of all you happy campy campers out there,
I dedicate these Pink Links to you!

Don't forget that if you click on the Pink Link, it will take you to the item's Etsy store, where you can shop to your heart's content.
And who knows what other goodies you'll find.

This is my dream for camping!
A vintage Airstream,
out on the open road,
the wind in my hair,
ready for all the adventure that life has waiting for me,
la joie de vivre

....but wait...this is a painting???


This has got to be one of the most interesting pieces of art I've seen.
It's a photo and a painting all mixed up in one amazing piece
But what is paint and what is photo???
It's so shiny!!!
Can't you can feel the sun beaming right off of it??
Check out Leah's Blog and see more of her amazing work...

Head on over to Kit of Parts and check out this
This would be perfect for any get together you've got planned for indoors or out.
Fill it with ice and colorful pop bottles for a great refreshment stand.

Hello, how cool is this?!
It has a pop bottle opener built in on the side!!
And you've just gotta love this color!!

Barbara also has a great blog as well at

It's very important to keep hydrated while your camping!
Really it is! It can get super hot some days!!

Take along this Therm-A-Jug and fill it with fresh, icy water.
This would also look really great in a vintage display
along with a blue cooler
(scroll back up...yep, that one!)
and some other campy stuff you'll find here.

Take a stroll over to Monichelles shop-she's got lots of great stuff in her shop,
and then stop over at her blog and tell her The Finicky Frog says, "Hi!"

Hiking is always fun on a camping trip.
Most campgrounds have great trails marked out for you to take little adventures along.
Here is a great Vintage Roll Up Rucksack
to take with you.
You never know, you just might find that romantic shady spot
to cuddle up with your honey and day dream for a while.
I know, I know...
You probably noticed when you clicked on this item it's sold.
But it was just sooo cool,
I had to include it even though someone has already taken it to add to their stash of great cabin paraphernalia.
BUT, I promise this shop will not disappoint!
There are pages and pages of treasures to look at.

Have you ever had homemade ice cream????
If you haven't, I would put that in the same sad category
as never having seen a Cary Grant movie.
There is nothing like home made ice cream
and it's even better while you're watching
....well you know...Mr. Grant as I like to call him in public.
This is quite the gem of an Ice Cream Maker's completely man powered.
It's never been powered by man,
making it practically brand spankin' new!
Git on over to Gaelianna's Shop
and snatch this baby right up!

My baby girl just saw this picture and said with a soft gasp, "I LOve the Shirt!"
Camping should equal comfort,
and in my book that doesn't always mean a t-shirt!!
Sorry..that last comment was completely directed at my kids...I digress...
Keep it cool and keep it light with this adorable
Love the name
Cat, over at The Wooden Spool
has great feedback, so check her out!

This just makes me giggle every time I look at it.
These little Crochet Camping Bears
are having a good ol' time camping out.
I love the fire and marshmallows!
Hooked Hands is a brand new shop!
Like I've said before, I love new shops.
There's all the excitement and anticipation that comes with doing what you love.
Best wishes from The Finicky Frog on your new adventure.

Time to go fishin'!!
I had one of these Pocket Fisherman poles,
and it was the best pole ever!!
It was so easy to use as a kid.
I was always a "stand on the dock,
look for the fish,
and plop the hook down right in its face"
kind of fisherman.
It really can be very effective!

The Rust and Moth Shop
can get ya all hooked up!
Get it!
I know.

Moving on!

When you go fishing ya gotta have a
It's even better when it's made in the USA!

I've got a story about catching minnows with my cousin Josh.
It was a little gross and a lot of fun.
...I'll just leave it there. ANYWHOOO...

This would also be a great lake cottage decoration!
Put a little flower pot right in the middle
and it would be perfect for the deck!
I just realized this was Monichelles shop again!!!
See, I told ya she's got some great stuff!

Raise your hand if you've ever been to
at a camp ground!!
Very Good!
Then you all know it can really be
a ton of fun meeting new people,
and it's even better when it's timed with a rainy day.
Books and Paper is a new shop,
but this lovely proprietor has two more gorgeous Etsy shops.
Click her Pink Link and you can take a look and see.

Anyone got a light??
I picked this Fire Starter
because I knew that my son would think
it's the coolest thing on my blog!
I love the photo and how you can see the spark so clearly!
Basic Survivor Tool may be a new shop to Etsy,
but they have been in production for 35 years!
Now that's craftsmanship!!
This would make a great gift for the outdoorsman in your life.
This would be a great gift for the electrician in mine!!
Or the teenage boy in mine too!

Now, I know that there are plenty of you ladies that like to go camping
and REALLY rough-it.
But This Sign says it all for me.
You see,
I'm the one that went out last night to play basketball with everyone,
and was annoyed that
"the bugs are touching me!"
(but I still made some killer shots)
I like that my husband makes the fire,
kills the spiders,
and puts up the tent.

Yes, I can do those things,
but I really like that he does them more!

Coral does great custom work in her shop
Think up a great sign and let her burn it for ya!

Well, there ya go! I hope you are all inspired to do a little camping this month!
Get out there and smell the fresh air and roast some 'mallows with the kiddos!

God Bless!


Barbara Bechtel said...

Thanks for highlighting my cooler! I love your blog and thank you for the kind comments!

monichelles said...

I love this post--loving the summer time. And I'm with you on having some breezier, less sticky hot days of summer. Thanks for including my thermajug and minnow bucket.

laylablue said...

ooooh! i want an airstream, too! i would even settle for the mini-size. let's get one :)


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