Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting Real...

I l♥ve it when you see this title on a blog!
It means that someone is about to divulge some dirty little secret about their life, or about someone they know....

(Mwa-ha-ha-ha...rubbing hands together,
then with her best Snidley Whiplash physique,
pulls her cape over her face)

I'm out of coffee this morning. Can ya tell?

Really, this story is a case of "he said, she said".
She was reminded of the incident from an outside source, and asked him if it went the way she thought it went, or even thought that it shoulda went, because really how could she have actually done it, and he was like...ummm, no you really did ...yes.. nooooooooo...umm yess you did. OMG I DID!

It all started the other day when I came across a hysterical music video by Anita've gotta check it out.

Well, see, there's a line in there where she says,
♫"I'm so tired of shaving!"♫
Which is really funny...come on it is!

It really got me thinking and remembering a moment between Daryn and I. So, I asked him about it the other night...


Here's the sitting at my crafting table and Daryn sitting at the computer with all the kids are around us.

I said, "I was watchin' that Anita Refroe video. You know, that one I showed you."

"Yeah.", as he's still messing around on the computer.

Chuckle, chuckle, "Well, it reminded me of that time I had just showered, and you were sittin' on the couch, and I came in and kicked my legs over your lap."

"Yeah.", with a little glance up, and then back to what he was doing.

"Didn't you like, rub my legs and say, 'oh, you shaved!'"?

"Huh?", starting to give full attention.

"You know...the time I said, "Yeah, you're lucky I shaved both, or something like that."...slightly unsure Chuckle...chuck...le?

Crooked grin beginning to come across his face....ALWAYS beware of the crooked grin!!!!

"WHaaatt?" With a little too much laughter to make me comfortable.

"Wasn't that how it went?, I say as I quickly flip through the dusty memory file in my brain.

"Uh, no!", with his eyes wide open and a little shake from his head. If the eyes open wide and you get the crooked grin...well, you're done for! The keyboard has been pushed back into the stored position in the desk. He's definitely giving me his FULL attention now.

Wait for it....Wait for it....NOT THE CROOKED GRIN!!!

"I didn't!"

"Yes, you did."



"I only shaved one leg????!!!!"

" just gave up!"



You should have seen my kids faces.....PRICELESS!
I laughed so hard it hurt....really it did!

Feel free to carry that little bit of info around with ya today, and when things just seem like you can't manage one more thing, remember you can laugh and tell the whole world about it in your blog one day!

Big Hugs!! And LOT'SA L♥ve to all of you!!!


laylablue said...

thanks for the information! now i just need somewhere to use it, and trust me, i will.

here's a reality check
i bought my husband a membership to Netflix a few years ago, and somehow i've overtaken the queue. this is a constant source of contention between us, almost as ridiculous as me not filling his glass of water to the correct amount of fullness. we've been nagging each other about that one for nearly 24 hrs. (this time around)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Ha ha! Totally something I would do. And probably have done. :)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh thank you for the laugh this morning. This video is so cute. Only I thought wait until teenage years~it gets harder and you need rescued again!


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