Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Boy...

This stunning child...
("he's just beautiful", my grandmother would say)

...came into this world in North Carolina, on a cool April morning.
(North Kaka-laka as my honey says).

We were living off base while Daryn was in the Marine Corps.
("Oo Rah!", as the Marines say)

I gotta lotta folks sayin' stuff....

My water broke when I decided to blow up a bag of 100 little tiny balloons to surprise Daryn for his birthday!
I's romantical!
Let's just say, he had a bigger birthday surprise than a bunch of balloons scattered all over the house.

It wasn't like....puff puff puff...pop!!
The effect was a little delayed,
and thankfully it happened before we went out to celebrate at dinner.

A bunch of pushing and a lot of freaking out later....
I had my little, 6lb 4 oz, bundle of joy!
Here he is at about serious...taking it all in.

I love everything about this picture!
My guys!

Now, here's a good lookin' fellow!
All neat and tidy for church!

Back in April I did my son a grave injustice, and did not wish him a Happy Birthday (on my blog) when he turned, of all things, 16.

He has yet to let me forget this...

...not because it was my "blogger mommy duty" that I seriously slacked on.
But, mostly because he wanted me to show you (yes you, the blogging world) this picture.

Are you ready?

Brace yourselves!!!

Put down your coffee, now!!

"Beam me up Scotty"

Here he is sporting his birthday present,
a replica Star Trek phaser that he got from his Mama.
(thanks Mama)
The shirt he ordered with cereal box tops + $10 = "good grief".
(as his mother would say)

The only time I allowed him to wear this shirt, out of the house, was when we took these pictures outside in the back yard.

Occasionally, he sneaks it under another shirt and flashes it at me when we're out in public.

I's sick, I tell ya!

The other night he came out of his bedroom dressed like this.....and then this....This was just to torture me. He knows how much I love this shirt!

He's SOOOOOO good lookin'!
(really he is)

"And, ladies, he's single!!!"
(As Wesley would say)

I gotta love um, 'cause he sure keeps me laughing!

Happy Birthday Wesley!

Note: I'm not a horrible mother! All pictures were agreed upon before being disclosed to the public!


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh~ I so enjoyed reading this with a tear or two.
They grow so fast!
Cherish the moments!

laylablue said...

your son seems to have a great sense of humor!
good for you :)

The stories of our babies being born never get old, do they?

Karen Long said...

Hey Heather...cute post..
My oldest son's name is Wesley..
John Wesley Long III,, big name for my 3.3lb baby boy.. you wouldnt know it now..he is 23yrs old,, and taller than his mom, and very handsome..
Time goes by so fast..


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