Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Garden Inspiration...PINK LINKS

I feel like I've been missing out on all the beautiful blooms this year. I haven't done a garden since we've moved, so, I decided to create one right here on my post.

Take a look at these beautiful garden inspired Pink Links.
♥All the florals and soft shades that you can imagine♥
Don't forget that if you click on the Pink Links, you'll be taken directly to the shop where you can find all of the pretties you are looking for.

Whenever I feel the whims of "Girlie-ness" coming over me, I make a quick stop over to
Here is a new item that she calls Emma,
a 14K Gold Filled Charm Necklace.
Isn't it just...just...beautiful?
If you stop into her BLOG as well, you'll see that she is offering gift certificates for her Etsy shop. This is an excellent idea for that special friend who, maybe, doesn't live as close as you wish. Why not surprise her with a shopping spree at Tamar's?

Now, you know me and new shops!
If I find one that I like, I HAVE to share it with you.
They always have that wonderful new shop smell...
Breathe Couture, I swear, smells like ROSES!
Go on...take a look and see!...I mean smell...Oh, you know what I mean!
is just one of the beautiful pieces that you'll find here.
But, I wouldn't be doing this shop justice if I didn't mention the photography!
It's so dreamy and romantic!

Now who snuck this in here?
That silly Frog!!!
would be a perfect decorative piece for your garden table setting.
Or, imagine it draped across your mantel!
Visit my shop, The Finicky Frog, for more details.

Each time I see this Lovely Day photograph
I feel my pinkie finger start to twitch!
There it goes again!
I love every bit of this photo, especially the sweet little blue birds on the tea cups. Generally, when I come across something I like, I'm drawn to it simply because it hits me like sweet eye candy should. But, I do try to find out a little more about the person that I'm putting on my blog before I share their world with you all. Let me just say, I'm intrigued and fascinated by Elle Moss. Every bit of info I found on her led me to more and more. I have every intention on discovering more about this wonderful artist through her blogs
and I'd encourage you to do the same.

I suddenly have the urge to go and buy a closet full of beautiful shoes,
and it's all because of
The Petal Shoes Print is just one little selection of her talent.
Take time to look at each of her paintings, and you'll see why I would love to be able to step right into that world and settle in!
I think I could even let a little hedgehog scamper around on my kitchen counter...
well, if he's as cute as the one she has on hers.
Don't just stop at her Etsy site.
Stroll on over to her BLOG and Website to see more!

Have you ever seen The Pink Palace?
If you haven't, here is a little peek at what's inside.
You really don't need to say a thing...
Go ahead...
Look again!
Pretty, HUH!?!
Isn't this just the prettiest Pillow?
It looks so soft and fluffy and PINK!
Be prepared for a burst of beauty when you go to this shop.

Start your own romantic garden with this
They're so cute!
Did I just say that about a plant?
Look at that little pink one in the middle!
You know how some people talk to plants?...I think I could talk to these.
"Hello little make me smile!"
Find this assortment and more over at Succulents on Etsy!

I know that these earrings really have no garden significance,
but I can make it
Picture yourself, strolling through your garden on a cool summer morning. You're dressed to the nines because you're waiting for Mr. Darcy to come out of the mist in his white fluffy shirt. The sun rises, and your
catch the sun's rays and signal to the man of your dreams that you're walking between the lupines and hollyhocks.
OK....So, I just had to add these because they are just too pretty for words.
Check out Jessica's shop,
JMG Jewel Design, and her BLOG to see more of her work.

All of these selections have come from a Treasury I've put together on Etsy.
Flow the pink link to see even more Garden Inspired Items.

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