Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time for a GIVEAWAY!!

I thought it was about time that I got on with the GIVEAWAY
that I mentioned several weeks ago at
There's really no special reason for this one,
other than it's spring,
and it's sunny, and I want to do something nice
for all you girlies out there.

If you've been watching my shop,
you've noticed that I have a new design for pincushions.
It's the new Ring Pincushion !
It's the new thing, baby!

So, here we go! The rules.......

You get one entry for each:
1) Leaving a comment on my blog (btw...I love all your comments)

2) Post a link to the GIVEAWAY on your blog (just drop me another comment to let me know)

3) Become a follower! (Ok....I'll admit it....I want more followers..."followers" sounds 'bout, I would love to see your cute little face over on the side of my blog...I promise to say, " hello" every morning!)

The winner gets to pick the Ring Pincushion that they would like out of my Shop. Any one! Pick away! I will also ship it anywhere (my fingers trembled a little when I typed that). YES, anywhere! Be sure to keep checking back into the SHOP for new designs. I'll be adding new Ring Pincushions throughout the week, so you'll have plenty to pick from.

The GIVEAWAY ends Monday April 5th in the morning!

Have fun and be sure to tell all your friends!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey Good Lookin'...Pink Links

....Watcha Got Cookin'?

Moving into a new home has inspired me to redecorate and daydream about how I would l♥ve the new kitchen to look. I realize that these things take time, and since I'm now in a place that I no longer have complete control over (like...what color my walls, floors, cabinets, etc., basically a rental) I'm forced into the cyber world, decorating in my mind, and making my blog as pretty as I want, knowing that one day all the pieces will be put together in the kitchen of my dreams.

So, welcome to my "Dream Kitchen".
Can you smell the chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven?
Can you see the cherry pie sitting in the window sill as
the fresh country breeze blows the aroma through the house.
Did you hear that? Robins are singing outside!
Now that the mood is set.... sure to click on the Pink Links to access these items directly
and their wonderful store fronts.
Nothing says "it's the kitchen" like a BIG sign
that tells you what to do while you're here!
You have to make your first stop in the shop,
Liz and Rick have a great collection of signs, shelves, and collectibles.
Their photography is just fantabulous! Be sure and check it out.
This adorable Apron is a fun vintage find
at the Coffee Klatch.
It just makes me want to go and get my pearls and heels
and walk around pattin' all my kids on their heads.
"You're all good little children,
and Mommy l♥ves you sooo much." xoxoxox
were the first thing that inspired me to do a kitchen collection.
I just think they are as sweet as can be.
L♥VE Them!!!
This could very well be on my "Need" list.
"Honey, I really think I need a minty green
I do, I do, I do!! It would help make all my cake batters uniformally moist!"
Lola Krauss is the only Etsy shop
that I found that had this mixer in this color with a matching cord
...HELLO...need I say more?
No matter how I try, I can't escape decorating in red.
It just happens!
I've tried blue, pink, and green, but red just slips its way right in.
from 2 Bored Bunnies (love that name)
speaks to the inner woman that would really love to wear red patent leather shoes
everywhere she went.
But, as that's not very practical, having a beautifully USEFUL, made in the USA, vintage collectible is.

Aren't the colors on these vintage
just eye poppin'?!?
I don't think I've ever seen them in these pretty colors before.
It was so hard to just pick one thing from
She has so many unique colorful selections that will remind you of being a kid in
yo momma's kitchen.
A kitchen just isn't a kitchen without Canisters!
I think Artsy Mama knew I was going to stop in...
see how she put out the polka dots just for me (just kiddin')?
And there goes that red again....gotta have it!
I really could have used this little guy the other day.
I was making some home made icing for a WWII cake recipe
I found in a great cook book at the library.
Anywho....the recipe wanted me to sift the cocoa and powdered sugar together,
and I had to use a little tiny strainer to do it. (took For-E-Ver)
would have made things a lot easier.
Clearly I'm a fan of pretty crocheted things, and
I particularly have a real soft spot
Is it just me or is there something about them that says...
"cozy"..."Mama made these"..."remember that one Thanksgiving when".
Whatever it is you hear them say,
you can find them at the Vintage Eye shop.

I'd l♥ve to know what your favorite vintage kitchen accessory is. Pass along some of your favorite finds, and who knows, maybe they'll end up in Pink Links.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Faithfulness Farm Giveaway!!

Mrs. P at the Faithfulness Farm is doing an amazing Giveaway for her 100th blog post. She's quite the generous blog hostess.
Be sure to check out her collection of Skillet Suppers and other amazing recipes when you make your visit,
and tell her The Finicky Frog says, "HI!".

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pink Links

There are so many wonderful artists in our crafty world, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.
Be sure to click the Pink Links to access their store fronts and these items directly.

First Comes LVE....
I just couldn't resist this adorable Bunnies Cake Topper. Wouldn't it be perfect for a spring or cottage themed wedding? Hop (get it?) on over to JooJooLand, and see all of her other beautiful designs.
Afsenah was also a featured seller on Etsy. Click Here and you can read more about this artist.

Then Comes Marriage...
This Cottage Rose Papier Mache Cake, again, appeals to all my like-likes. And it will go perfectly with all of your shabby decor.
I just love ribbon roses, and these are perfectly done with a little blue bird taking a rest.
"Hi, little birdie. You're so cute!"
She even put my favorite polka dots at the bottom!
You can find this item and more at Frippelous!

Then you move into your wonderful home...(ok, I know it's not part of the poem)
Wouldn't this be an amazing focal point on a wall. It's "an original triptych mixed media collage painting on birch wood" from Sascalia.
I'll be honest, I didn't know what triptych meant, and I had to look it up. And I had to hit the little sound icon to know how to say it.
BUT I do know what "pulchritudinous" is, and this is exactly that.
Ok, so I used to figure that one out, too!

Here comes (add name) with a baby carriage.
You know how you come across things, and you think,
This is one of those moments for me.
I could have been dazzling after I had my babies. If I had one of these!
Lily and Lou are geniuses. You may be thinking, this is a really cute dress for a prego woman (calm down Heather)'s not just a dress--it's a Designer Hospital Gown! It's got the shoulder snappy thingies too!
Ok...I didn't use for that one, but you know what I mean.
You've just got to check out their shop. There are so many useful things for the mommy-to-be or mommy-is-me.

To send to your mommy friends...

My long time friend who lives in Washington just had her second little boy bundle, and I wanted to send her something special.
I came across Baby Cakes and Decor one night and found the perfect gift to send her.
There are so many cute gift ideas at this shop like, Onesies and Washcloth Cupcakes, Washcloth Stick Lollipops, and more. Heather (not me) was a dream to work with, and my friend couldn't have been happier with her gift.

Be sure to check all of the PINK LINKS out and see all of the wonderful designs.
God Bless!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Sweet Tooth

I've always had a sweet tooth, and I just can't seem to shake it...pull it out...extract it, if you will. I'd much prefer something sweet and chocolaty over salty and savory.
Our periodic indulgence as a family are No Bake Cookies (I'll post this recipe at a later date). They don't last long after they're made, that's why I don't make them very often. Actually, what usually happens is I make them...we eat them...the next day...I make another batch, and then we're on overload.

Tonight I ventured into unknown territory; the apple fritter!
This is The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond's, recipe that she just added yesterday. I made a double batch so that we would have plenty for breakfast tomorrow, and I ended up with a ton. Oh well, the more the merrier!!

Give them a try and let me know what you think. In fact, give a go at any of Ree's recipes and you can't go wrong.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pink Links

Here are just a few of the wonderful treasures I've come across lately.
I hope you take the time to check out these shops and click the Pink Links to peek at all of their beautiful items.

Lets start with the Petite Paperie Shoppe. They have a wonderful collection of shabby tags. This gorgeous tag is just one of the many that caught my eye,
mostly because I have a thing for birds lately.
Any gift that had this hanging on it would make it even more special.

Did I say I had a thing for birds?
Don't get me started on little blue birds!
It's a wedding cake topper, but it's one that I could totally see being set out as a decoration later on, nestled among all of your gorgeous wedding photos.
Hop on over to Middleburg, and I'm sure they'll take good care of you.
The AS Boutique makes me wish my girls were little again.
They have so many adorable designs for that little princess in your life.
The Spotted Owl Banner would easily be a great addition in a boys room too.
For all of you who have followed my work, you will know that I'm a sucker for polka dots.
This beautiful handmade card is just perfectly spotted with dots and roses.
We all agree, a handmade card is so much more special and appreciated.
Cherry's Jubilee has an amazing collection to choose from.
There are just some things that I see that make me happy because they have a pop of color or remind me of being a kid again.
This Pom Pom Ball Fringe from Sugar Pink Boutique does just that.
I lve this color and the background full of polka dots simply makes me happy. Stop in and check out all of there candy colored trimmings.
I've had my eye on this shop for some time, and they have just become wonderfully popular.
This Shabby Cupcake sign also covers my basic "Like, LIKES".
Polka dots (check), Chippy Paint (check), Pink (checkity check),
reference to sweet indulgence (CHECK CHECK).
Stop in to The Back Porch Shoppe and you won't be disappointed.
This is my absolute favorite shop to daydream in.
Often my girls and I will gather around the computer, and go through each page of the Timeless Vixen Vintage shop to pick our favorite dresses.
Then we go through her sold orders and lament the dresses that are gone, because by now they are one of a kind pieces that we know have moved on to happy homes. This BabyBlue Prom Dress is a mutual favorite of The Finicky Fems.
Isn't it GRGEUS??!!
I'd love to hear what dress you would pick from the collection.

Thank you to all of these wonderful shops. Be sure to click on the Pink Links to find out more about each proprietor.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome March!

I'm taking a deep breath and
Thanking God I've made it through another February.
As much as I try to keep myself busy, February seems to be the coldest, cloudiest and longest month.
Ok, I know it's only got 28 days, but they seem to be extra long and cloudy.
Did I say cloudy again?

But, March is the beginning of ♣Spring♣.
Things get warmer, and not as cloudy and my brain doesn't feel as cloudy either.
Can you tell it's cloudy today?

There is already warmer weather being fore casted on the news, and I just can't wait.
I can't wait for that very first day that feels like ♣Spring♣.
You know, the day that the air is warm and sweet.
I'm not poetic, and I don't pretend to be. But, I know there has got to be a poem out there just for this day.

So, I Welcome March, and Thank God for bringing us through the winter.


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