Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pink Links

Here are just a few of the wonderful treasures I've come across lately.
I hope you take the time to check out these shops and click the Pink Links to peek at all of their beautiful items.

Lets start with the Petite Paperie Shoppe. They have a wonderful collection of shabby tags. This gorgeous tag is just one of the many that caught my eye,
mostly because I have a thing for birds lately.
Any gift that had this hanging on it would make it even more special.

Did I say I had a thing for birds?
Don't get me started on little blue birds!
It's a wedding cake topper, but it's one that I could totally see being set out as a decoration later on, nestled among all of your gorgeous wedding photos.
Hop on over to Middleburg, and I'm sure they'll take good care of you.
The AS Boutique makes me wish my girls were little again.
They have so many adorable designs for that little princess in your life.
The Spotted Owl Banner would easily be a great addition in a boys room too.
For all of you who have followed my work, you will know that I'm a sucker for polka dots.
This beautiful handmade card is just perfectly spotted with dots and roses.
We all agree, a handmade card is so much more special and appreciated.
Cherry's Jubilee has an amazing collection to choose from.
There are just some things that I see that make me happy because they have a pop of color or remind me of being a kid again.
This Pom Pom Ball Fringe from Sugar Pink Boutique does just that.
I lve this color and the background full of polka dots simply makes me happy. Stop in and check out all of there candy colored trimmings.
I've had my eye on this shop for some time, and they have just become wonderfully popular.
This Shabby Cupcake sign also covers my basic "Like, LIKES".
Polka dots (check), Chippy Paint (check), Pink (checkity check),
reference to sweet indulgence (CHECK CHECK).
Stop in to The Back Porch Shoppe and you won't be disappointed.
This is my absolute favorite shop to daydream in.
Often my girls and I will gather around the computer, and go through each page of the Timeless Vixen Vintage shop to pick our favorite dresses.
Then we go through her sold orders and lament the dresses that are gone, because by now they are one of a kind pieces that we know have moved on to happy homes. This BabyBlue Prom Dress is a mutual favorite of The Finicky Fems.
Isn't it GRGEUS??!!
I'd love to hear what dress you would pick from the collection.

Thank you to all of these wonderful shops. Be sure to click on the Pink Links to find out more about each proprietor.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Heather for including my pom pom trim in your beautiful blog. What a pleasant surprise you made my day! God bless you and yours, Jennifer

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there...thank-you ever so much for featuring me....Love all the shops you listed...will have to add to my faves! cherry

Teresa said...

Oh my....I just popped over to visit my new kindred "southern real estate dreaming" spirit, and have ended up with a whole new batch of shops to visit. I've already bookmarked a bunch of them so I can go back and shop when I have more time. What a great have fabulous taste. I would love to have some of those prom dresses for photo props....wouldn't that be a blast?
Thanks for visiting me....and I have the same exact feeling of relief that we've made it through the dark time, once again. Blue skies are ahead!


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