Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome March!

I'm taking a deep breath and
Thanking God I've made it through another February.
As much as I try to keep myself busy, February seems to be the coldest, cloudiest and longest month.
Ok, I know it's only got 28 days, but they seem to be extra long and cloudy.
Did I say cloudy again?

But, March is the beginning of ♣Spring♣.
Things get warmer, and not as cloudy and my brain doesn't feel as cloudy either.
Can you tell it's cloudy today?

There is already warmer weather being fore casted on the news, and I just can't wait.
I can't wait for that very first day that feels like ♣Spring♣.
You know, the day that the air is warm and sweet.
I'm not poetic, and I don't pretend to be. But, I know there has got to be a poem out there just for this day.

So, I Welcome March, and Thank God for bringing us through the winter.

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