Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey Good Lookin'...Pink Links

....Watcha Got Cookin'?

Moving into a new home has inspired me to redecorate and daydream about how I would l♥ve the new kitchen to look. I realize that these things take time, and since I'm now in a place that I no longer have complete control over (like...what color my walls, floors, cabinets, etc., basically a rental) I'm forced into the cyber world, decorating in my mind, and making my blog as pretty as I want, knowing that one day all the pieces will be put together in the kitchen of my dreams.

So, welcome to my "Dream Kitchen".
Can you smell the chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven?
Can you see the cherry pie sitting in the window sill as
the fresh country breeze blows the aroma through the house.
Did you hear that? Robins are singing outside!
Now that the mood is set.... sure to click on the Pink Links to access these items directly
and their wonderful store fronts.
Nothing says "it's the kitchen" like a BIG sign
that tells you what to do while you're here!
You have to make your first stop in the shop,
Liz and Rick have a great collection of signs, shelves, and collectibles.
Their photography is just fantabulous! Be sure and check it out.
This adorable Apron is a fun vintage find
at the Coffee Klatch.
It just makes me want to go and get my pearls and heels
and walk around pattin' all my kids on their heads.
"You're all good little children,
and Mommy l♥ves you sooo much." xoxoxox
were the first thing that inspired me to do a kitchen collection.
I just think they are as sweet as can be.
L♥VE Them!!!
This could very well be on my "Need" list.
"Honey, I really think I need a minty green
I do, I do, I do!! It would help make all my cake batters uniformally moist!"
Lola Krauss is the only Etsy shop
that I found that had this mixer in this color with a matching cord
...HELLO...need I say more?
No matter how I try, I can't escape decorating in red.
It just happens!
I've tried blue, pink, and green, but red just slips its way right in.
from 2 Bored Bunnies (love that name)
speaks to the inner woman that would really love to wear red patent leather shoes
everywhere she went.
But, as that's not very practical, having a beautifully USEFUL, made in the USA, vintage collectible is.

Aren't the colors on these vintage
just eye poppin'?!?
I don't think I've ever seen them in these pretty colors before.
It was so hard to just pick one thing from
She has so many unique colorful selections that will remind you of being a kid in
yo momma's kitchen.
A kitchen just isn't a kitchen without Canisters!
I think Artsy Mama knew I was going to stop in...
see how she put out the polka dots just for me (just kiddin')?
And there goes that red again....gotta have it!
I really could have used this little guy the other day.
I was making some home made icing for a WWII cake recipe
I found in a great cook book at the library.
Anywho....the recipe wanted me to sift the cocoa and powdered sugar together,
and I had to use a little tiny strainer to do it. (took For-E-Ver)
would have made things a lot easier.
Clearly I'm a fan of pretty crocheted things, and
I particularly have a real soft spot
Is it just me or is there something about them that says...
"cozy"..."Mama made these"..."remember that one Thanksgiving when".
Whatever it is you hear them say,
you can find them at the Vintage Eye shop.

I'd l♥ve to know what your favorite vintage kitchen accessory is. Pass along some of your favorite finds, and who knows, maybe they'll end up in Pink Links.


Liz said...

thanks for including our EAT in your dream kitchen post! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet blog!

xoxo Liz

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I LOVE your post and the part about wearing the apron. June Clever all the way!

Thank you for including the sifter I have for sale in your post. That was so kind of you!!

I'll come back for more reading!!


Miss Baptista said...

Nice stuff.
Thanks for leading the way to other amazing blogs and shops !
So inspiring.
Miss Baptista

vintage eye said...

Fantastic post! Thanks so much for including our crocheted potholders!


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