Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For the love of chocolate...

I've recently discovered that, as I've gotten older, my love of chocolate must carefully be timed out with the rotation of the earth and the cycle of the moon!

According to how my night went, 
I'm not allowed to eat chocolate 
after 6:00 PM.
(Sun is beginning to set) 

 The result is serious heartburn
 at 2:00 AM! 
(Moon is out)

I then don't get back to sleep 
until 6:00 AM.
(Sun is rising)  
Mr. D comes home from work 
and finds me sleeping in the garden!
(Just kiddin', I was up by 10:00 AM)


Tete said...

Then you need to do the only logical thing. Eat your chocolate for breakfast. Ice cream and chocolate syrup with chocolate milk or hot chocolate, with oreos and hershey kisses on the side.
If you need something healthy- get out the fondue and dip all the breakfast food in chocolate- strawberries are wonderful but I don't see why toast and pancakes wouldn't work, too.
Let me know what combination you come up with. I may give it a go.

Hugs- Tete

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Oh man, I so wish you really had been found sleeping in the garden! How dramatic would that be?!?


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