Friday, August 20, 2010


As you can see I'm giving my blog a new look.
Actually, it's an old look that I purchased a year ago, and have yet to figure it out.
I would L♥VE some advice on how to get my banner centered, bigger, and any other helpful hints from all of you wonderful ladies out there.
I am a little frustrated with the NEW template thingy that Blogger has in the Dash. I think it's just confused me even more than ever!



Tete said...

I can't get mine centered either, so if you get this figured out let me know!
PS- Did you stop by yet and get your award?

Sherri B. said...

I am sorry but I will not be much help. I am afraid of touching or changing anything. Someone out there will know...Have you tried Blogger help at the bottom of your dashboard?

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I'm no help hon, but look at my blog list for Cozy Little House - she's doing a whole Blogger tutorial! Maybe that will help you.

Karen said...

Hi..I do love the new look!!! but not able to help you with your question.
I am pretty new at blogging and have been figuring it out as i go..
I will be changing my look come fall. so wish me luck as well..
I will be back to visit real soon,, and you can encourage me to do my Fall settings...

Marika said...

i love the look!

the only way i've been able to center my banner, i've had to re-upload the picture. so... delete this one. then before you search for the "new" picture, there are some options under/further down, one of which is "fit to screen" or something along those lines. click this, then upload the image. this option disappears after the image has been uploaded, so make sure to do this first.

i hope this makes sense!

laylablue said...

i don't know a darn thing about the template stuff, sorry. but i love your new look!
chloe loves her pincushion. thank you very much for thinking of her :)

Kim said...

Hi, I don't know if I can help much. I Google what I'm looking for and have always been able to find it. You will have to go into your html and make some adjustments. I'm pretty sure the full picture size is 940 px wide. Good luck!

Tete said...

I see your header is centered but very large- so while I was playing around this morning- I found this:
Go to- Blogger Template
>adjust width
>entire blog- I set it at 750 and it pretty well was centered and you could see more of the background on the side like we used to with the older templates
>left sidebar- I set it at 240, but would depend on the template you are using- just eyeball it once you get in there.

I hope this helps now or in the future when you want to change it up again!

Hugs- Tete

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

What a FUN blog! Stopped over from Jayme's after seeing your title... I'm so wanting to change/declutter my blog but am soooo confused. Yours looks great! Good luck working out the details as you want. I'll be back soon to look n learn more!


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