Saturday, August 7, 2010

Makin' Bacon...Quick Tip

Are you tired of bacon shrinkage?
How many shirts have been ruined by bacon grease popping and splattering?
How many burns have you got by trying to make bacon without a shirt on?
(Don't answer that!)

Have I got a solution for you!!

♥Dredge your bacon in flour before you throw it in the skillet!♥

#1 It helps less expensive bacons not shrink as much! It kind of "beefs it up", or "porks it up?"
#2 It prevent the popping and splattering of the grease significantly!
#3 It will give an opportunity to pepper and season your bacon easier!
Put about a cup of all purpose flour in a dish.
I like to really put a lot of pepper in the flour!
When you think you have enough pepper, add more.
And then more, again!
Coat the bacon well and then give the slice a little shake to get off all the extra flour.
I've become a huge fan of iron skillets.
I really think it definitely makes a difference when you're makin' bacon.

You want to adjust your temperature so that the flour doesn't scorch. I had the gas burner set on 4 , but everyone's stove is a little different.
(Please excuse the sad pictures...there are no windows in this kitchen to bring in any natural light...absolutely none whatsoever...pitch black...can't see a thing...ya need a flashlight at noon!...ok, it's not that bad...but I really like to "..." things...can you tell?)


Karen said...

Here is another TIP..
I place my bacon on a long cookie sheet and cook it in the oven !
It doesnt shrink, and not splatter.
And you can cook a lot of pieces at one time..but you have to be careful when you pull it out of the oven,, if your cookie sheet is like mine, it is very shallow, so dont let the grease run over top and pour on you..

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Great tip!

I am with Karen -
I bake my bacon and it turns out great.

The trick for easy peasy clean up is lining the baking dish with either foil or parchment. Just roll it all up and your pan is clean!

now i am hungry...


laylablue said...

how about BROWN SUGAR bacon? that sounds yummy!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

hi heather! regarding the german pancakes i posted, you can use low fat milk. and for baking the bacon, i bake it at 350 until crispy. to speed it up, you can bake at 375.

thanks for the visit!


Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

You DO know that bacon is my love language, right? Oh my. I feel faint just reading this post. I can smell it I tell you! OK, been thinking about you. You need to come here, and your children. We could fry bacon and homeschool. Sound good to you? You can sleep in the vintage camper. K? K. I bake my bacon. I do. Takes a lot longer, but no mess. I'm going to try this though.


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