Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What a Freakazoid!

This just in....
I walked into Maddie's room, somewhat unannounced, and saw her quickly put her pillow on top of SOMETHING!!

"What are you doing, Maddie?", I ask. Knowing I've busted her on SOMETHING for sure!

"Nothing!", she says with a little giggle and cheesy grin that makes me realize it wasn't drugs! (Whew)

"What's under the pillow? Huh, HUH?"


"WHAT!?!", completely throwing me for a loop.

I did not expect this at all.

"We don't start school until after Labor Day!"
(I didn't say that last quote to's just for clarity...but she knows this)

I think she's going for Valedictorian of her homeschool class!
"What a Freakazoid!"

But a cute Freakazoid that I love so much.

Thank you for not doing drugs!


Tete said...

Love it! Cutest grin today!

Anonymous said...

Cute post and lovely family. I enjoyed visiting. Alexandra

Morgan said...

Its Morgan. Well Big Morgan. I love that Mad is wearing Amelia's swimming shirt. lol.


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