Monday, April 12, 2010

Yeeehaw...Pink Links

My family and I love to watch PBS "House" programs. Have you heard of them? They'll take families and single people, and have them do things like establish a settlement on the frontier, or a build a New England colony. Some of them are out there in the wilderness anywhere from several weeks to several months. Everyone succeeds at completing the time, but, with a historical evaluation at the end, not everyone is a success. There are several in the series including, Frontier House, Colonial House, 1940's House (currently watching), Manor House, and more. Check out your local libraries movie section to find these and more.

A few weeks ago we finished watching Texas Ranch House...LOVED IT!! The Cooke family had to establish a ranch in post Civil War Texas. It was a working ranch with cowboys and acres and acres of land. It's amazing to see how people would really struggle without modern conveniences, and do their best to "live" like they did back then. I think this was my favorite because of the clash between the ranch owners and the cowboys...drama, drama, DRAMA!!

So, all this western livin' got me thinking of my next Pink Links post, and I figured it just had to be about cowgirls. I've been working on it for a while now, and I thought it was about time I filled you all in on what I've found.

Don't forget to click on the Pink Links and they will take you directly to the shop and item.
Have fun ya'll!
This photo called
reminds me of when Maddie was about 3.
We had helped friends move out to Wyoming,
and we brought all the kids back cowboy boots.
Maddie's were RED and looked just like these,
which totally matched her personality.
I still have them sitting on a shelf in my work area...
(memories....excuse me while I get a tissue)

Ok...someone give me a time machine!
I want to pop my girlies in it and turn back the clock!
makes the cutest little tutus.
Here is their
...."ya jest gotta git yer girlie little red boots to match!"

Not only are these outfits super sweet,
but these girlies are the cutest.
I'm thinking they are sisters...possibly...they sure look alike.
I had to show my big girls..."Look these sisters hug!"
You've got to check out
Get one for your daughter!...
or grand daughter!...
or the little girl down the street!
I think it will make the world a happier place!

Speaking of happy places....
I really loved this
Everything is precut and ready to go with the binding included.
She's already taken care of all the time consuming cutting
that completely stops me...
...I mean us,
from tackling such an adorable project.
There are absolutely no excuses left!
"Thank you, Kelly!"

You just can't be a cowgirl without appreciating
heritage, heirlooms, and quilting.
Thus sayeth, The Frog!
has got all your bases covered...
wait that's baseball...
got all your horses in the barn....
you know what I mean...
will be that perfect place to rest yer head. The shop owner, Amy, also has a terrific blog with more samples of her beautiful work.
Hop on over, and check out
and tell her The Finicky Frog says, "Hi!"

When you still live in town, like me, but you still have aspirations of owning a horse,
these Horsin' Around Bookends are perfect.
You don't have to feed 'um or nuttin'!
Wouldn't these be great
with a collection of old western stories nestled between them?
has so many unique vintage items in her shop.
You've just gotta go look!
She also has a blog, by the same name, that I drool over.
In fact, you have to take a peek at this post
to see all of the cottage decorations she's designed.
Trust me, you'll instantly be a fan!

Every time I look at this picture I hear gunshots in the distance
....pick-ewe pick-ewe
(that's what my gun sounds like)
has a huge selection of western themed candles.
was perfect for this weeks Pink Links.
The color of the candle reminds me of a summer shade of lipstick
that smells like pink sugar.
One of the really cool things that I noticed about this shop, is that they give free samples with your orders.
Isn't that just smart?!!!

The cowgirl gem of the west has got to be turquoise!
It's my favorite!
Every time I wear it I think of all my family in Arizona.
Especially when it's cold and there are 236 inches of snow on the ground.
It just makes me all warm inside.
The Rattan earrings
over at Stone Wear Designs are perfect.
I totally can see them with a casual outfit or
dressed up for date night.
(Hint Hint Honey....Mother's Day....Wink WINK!)

You really can't have too much turquoise when your a cowgirl.
(Gosh darn this eye just keeps a winkin')
I think it's exciting when I find shops on Etsy that are just getting started.
They've still got that new shop smell!
just opened in March of this year,
and they have a great selection of unique bracelets.
Stop in and check out her selection and keep an eye on this shop!
The Wild West Bracelet is my favorite.
It has all the elements of western wear.
Leather, turquoise and style!

Let me know what you think, and I would love to know if you have any cowgirl favorites that I've missed!

God Bless, Y'all!!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Heather! This was such a FUN post to read! Oh how I wish I had little girls to dress up like that. What ADORABLE ADORABLE outfits - and THEY are TOO cute, too!

So honored to have been mentioned - *blush*. Happy to see Miss Amy's beautiful work featured, too. I have many of her handmade things in our home.

Have a rootin' tootin' day! Sending smiles your way! Heeeee HAW!


Lone Star Wax Works said...

Thank you so much for having having me as one of you Pink Links! I love it here! Your blog is gorgeous! I wished I'd upkeep mine better,and this sight makes me wanna! I just might get with it and fix 'er up some more:)
Going to go check out the other items and some moe blogs on your much fun to be in here:)
Thanks again!!


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