Friday, June 25, 2010

I Didn't Know What I Had...

I am a garage sale, Goodwill, thrift shop junkie!
My summer usually involves driving around on the weekend finding great garage sales. I have many theories about garage sales; how they should be advertised, what should be on a sign, prices, haggling, etc. BUT I don't have time to go into that today!
I have something more important to share with you.
I received my new Country Living Magazine yesterday!

Now, I know your already thinking, "She's lost it!" "Already she's off subject!"
No, really it relates...I'll show you

Straight out of this months Country Living is this picture. They used a whole page for this one picture in the magazine, which instantly drew my eye right smack dab to the middle of everything going on.

Do you see the adorable blue plates hanging on the wall? They're German majolica plates.
"What is German majolica?", you ask.


I have two....too
I picked them up at a garage sale a couple of years ago for $4. I simply liked them because they were that great tealy blue color and I had a thing for birds that summer.
They made great props for my shop's garlands, and I even had a lady convo me on Etsy about wanting to buy them.

I said, "Naaaaaaah, I like them. They're pretty!"
Well, I looked them up on Ebay, and they are selling for a lot more than $4 for the pair.
I admit that I don't usually know the value of what I buy. I simply buy it because I like it, and that's it. But this time, I really didn't know what I had.

God Bless Everyone!!


Kathleen Grace said...

Thanks for stopping by, I can tell I love your blog already! Just the header made me stop and take a second look, LOVE the garland! I would have grabbed those plates too, don't y ou just love when you find out you ogt a real deal!?

Lori said...

I am a thrift store, yard & garage sale junkie myself. I only buy stuff I love too. If it ends up being something special and worth more than I paid, "I win!"

Love your blog, it's nice to have some time to stop by again. HAND

fiberdoodles said...

The plates are too cute and what a steal! I ♥ your garland! It is just too cute :0)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love it when you buy something that ends up being worth a whole lotta dough! LOVE the plates! There is English and Japanese majolica, too. The plates would probably fetch about $45 a piece - that is usually the going rate in antique shops. Maybe even more!

LOVELY post!!


jamfiescreations1 said...

Hey girl, hope you are doing great. I just love those plates, you are right, keep them. I love garage sales, thrift stores, etc. myself. I want you to know, that I have received so many compliments on the beautiful cupcake ring pin cushion I have from you. I love it!

Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the sympathy and yes, I am already thinking about the garden possibilities. said...

Hey Heather, its Karen from
so glad you stopped by.. and thank you for the kind words...
And and i could be bestest friends.. I love garage saling and GD boutique, (good will) as my friend calls it. And I have even been known to embarrass my kids(lol) by picking up a almost good piece of furniture road side,, if I thought a fresh coat of paint could turn it into a beautiful new addition to my house hold..
I will surely be back to visit your blog and I hope you will do the same.. Hope to get to know you better...
God Bless..... Karen

Karen said...

Oh Thanks Heather.. you sound like me,, I have to ask my kids all the time to help me do some computer things.. But I am truly enjoying blogging and I thank you for getting back to me so quickly.. Lets stay in touch.. Talk to ya real soon..hearts&;

Karen Long said...

Hey Heather.. its Karen,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the words of encouragement.. I didnt know that you lived in Fla before.. I guess this employment issue so hard, cause we were just getting back on our feet again and now no money coming in again..
Thanks for the prayers.. stay in touch.. God Bless

Diane said...

Oh my goodness! I am so HAPPY I found your blog, I love it! I have never heard of those plates before either, but I love them! Off to read more of your blog.

Jen Kershner said...

I don't buy for pedigree either but just buy what I love and I love those plates! Great score for a great price.


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