Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fabeau Chapeau

The Finicky Frog hopped home one day with her parcels full of beautiful vintage hats. "The craftsmanship is just simply divine.", she said. "Oh how I long for those prim and proper days."
I completely agreed and told her that this dusty pink Henry Pollack Bucket Hat
was my favorite. "You should definitely wear it out as the weather gets colder," I said.
"Look at the detail!", she exclaimed. "The satin trim gives it just the right amount of shimmer. And the wide grosgrain ribbon matches the wool felt just perfectly!" She went on about how its delicate veil wrapped around creating the illusion of a soft glow. She decided that when she wasn't wearing it out, she would have it displayed on her dressing table for everyone to admire.
I may be able to convince The Finicky Frog to part with this beautiful hat if you would like it for yourself.
Stop into my ♥shop♥and take a little peek and tell me what you think. There are several other hats that I'll be adding over the next week, so, be sure to stop in often and see

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