Monday, October 5, 2009

Pirates of Penzance

I grew up watching musicals and old movies, and I hardly remember a weekend going by when I didn't get to see Cary Grant or Gene Kelly. Music was a huge part of my childhood, and I had many musically talented aunts and uncles. My mom was a trained opera singer who was constantly singing in the car with me and my brother. In fact, I really don't remember listening to the radio much, because if we went somewhere with my Uncle, we sang in the car too....sorry, side thought there. My dear husband, however, did not grow up knowing the lyrics to almost every MGM musical. He came from more of a Nascar environment and somehow, thankfully, came out musically talented as well. But, he was very unfamiliar with the old movie scene and often didn't know what I was talking about when I said things like, "Oh yeah, like in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."
I was determined at an early age to expose the children to the phenomenon of musical theatrics. One of the most memorable moments was when we watched West Side Story and the kids cried because they didn't understand all the fighting and violence. "Mommy, (sniff, sniff) why are you making us watch this?"
Since the kids have recently had a growing interest in this genre, it has been a much better experience for everyone. I've gotten to relive a lot of wonderful memories, and I have loved watching them be enthralled by the musicals and movies for the first time.
One of our most loved favorites, that has become a staple in our house, has been The Pirates of Penzance. Daryn is always giving a try at being "the very model of the Modern Major General" and the kids "often" are claiming to be "Orphans." I'll chime in with my rendition of "poor wandering one!"
We jumped at the opportunity to go and see it at the Nappanee Round Barn Theatre this weekend. My brother, sister-in-law and my nephew all decided to go, too, and it was a great to make it a big family. We were in the mezzanine seating and it was perfect. I really can't imagine a bad seat in the house. It's such a small theatre and they have it set up so well.

Pictures from Amish Acres Round Barn Theatre
Now, of course it wasn't Linda Ronstadt or Kevin Kline, but this little band of performers gave it their all. My favorite scene are when they sing "WITH CAT LIKE TREAD!" and "Sighing Softly to the River." It was just hysterical!
What is your favorite old movie or musical?


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