Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Introducing the Babies Part 2

 My youngest daughter, Morgan, is a huge Northanger Abby fan and named her new fur baby after her favorite author, Jane Austen. Baby Jane is a bit of a woodland kitten, so she's a little wild and crazy, but we sure love her.  Her momma, Chattie, is a permanent fixture in the area, and everyone that lives around us knows her by a different name. Chattie is quite a challenge to catch, so until the day we finally can bring an end to her cat calling, she continues to make some of the prettiest babes of the woods who, actually, are a big help with the rodent, snake and rabbit population that comes with country living.  Jane, however, will be a pampered pet who will only get to enjoy all of the scenery from the front porch.

Fun Facts About Calico Cats:
  • Cats must have the colors orange, black and white (or muted shades of these colors) to be considered a true calico. 
  • Calicoes are almost always female because females have two X chromosomes. One X chromosome will carry the orange color and the other chromosome will carry the black. 
  • Male (XY) cats are rarely calico. If they have two X chromosomes (XXY) they could possibly be calico but will most likely be sterile, as well.
  • In 2001 calicoes were voted Maryland's state cat!  
  • According to our vet- Calicoes tend to be pretty fearless.  Jane isn't startled easily and she walked out of the woods right up to us when we found her, or she found us.

Dash, however, is not impressed with the newbie.  "She can chase my tail all she wants.  I really just want to eat her food." he says.

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