Sunday, August 23, 2009

Date Night with...Julie and Julia

My husband and I do our best to get away once a week and have ♥♥Date Night♥♥. Last night was our opportunity to leave the nest and have some "One on One" time with good food and entertainment. I had been wanting to see the new Julie & Julia movie and when I mentioned it, Daryn was all for it...what a guy.

Our evenings always starts out with food and our new favorite place to go is Texas Roadhouse . (We use to be hardcore Loganites but Texas Roadhouse has cinnamon butter for their rolls...need I say more?) Usually when we go I opt for the pulled pork because I haven't found any other place in town that serves it. But the last time we were there I tasted Daryn's sirloin tips and OHHH MY were they good. So, this time I got them cooked medium with mashed potatos and gravy....mmmm they were fabulous. Daryn orderd the portobello mushroom chicken, I might have to try that next time because it looked wonderful too.

We were just in time to make the 6:30 showing of Julie & Julia. Stuffed beyond belief we rolled ourselves into the movie theatre and sat in our favorite seats. We've decided that the best seats in the house are the ones that are right above the entry walkway. It's like your own little balcony seating without anyone in front of you. We have to admit that we have raced for these seats before...I believe the movie was one of the Lord of the Rings series and it was a full house, but we got them WOOO HOOO High Fives!

This was a really great movie. If Meryl Streep doesn't win something special for this performance, well, I just don't know what people are thinking at all. You really started to believe that she was Julia Child!! Amy Adams was wonderful too. I just don't know how she gets that teary eyed look so easily. Sometimes she does it and you just find yourself welling up with emotion with her.

It was full of humor, romance, food, relatability and Blogging. Don't go if you haven't eaten anything because you will surely sit there disrupting the movie with your stomach growling because of all the wonderful things they cook. Do go with your sweetie because it's a movie that makes you hold hands tighter and cuddle up closer and most importantly, laugh together.

There were a couple of lines in there that make you blush and think, "what did she say?!" But all in all I would give it ♥♥♥♥♥ for a great date flick!

I'd love to hear what you and your sweetie go out to do on your date night?


The Queen Of Re said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. I have not seen the movie yet buy plan on it.

Home Sweet Hideaway said...

I am excited - I'm going to see it with a friend tonight. Now we just need to meet a little earlier and hit a Texas Roadhouse as well...cinnamon butter sounds delish!

Alice said...

Are your seats the ones with those handrail bars in front of them???? Those are the ones Mark and I race to!!! Hee Hee


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