Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Getting Started

We've been blessed in so many ways over the years, but I think one of those unspoken blessings between couples is how well you learn each other. For example, the other day Daryn and I were running an errand, and I suddenly had a craving! I looked at him and said, "You know what sounds really good?" and he responded, "A chocolate shake from McDonald's?" I almost fell on the mini van floor! We hadn't had a shake in over a year, and no where near a McDonald's and yet he knew exactly what I was thinking! Clearly my jaw dropping and the laughter that followed was his confirmation that he was right. He promptly detoured and there we went with our shakes and this strange new confidence in each other.

We have just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary, and like everyone else, we've had our ups and downs. I can honestly say that I love him more today than I did when he stood waiting for me in his dress blues.
This year for our anniversary, we decided to take a trip down to Brown County, Indiana. If you are from Indiana and you hear the words "Brown County", it goes without saying why you would want to visit the area. It's really the closest thing we have to mountains of Tennessee, and the town of Nashville has the most adorable shopping village you could imagine.

We headed down on the weekend taking our time and stopping in little towns we've never seen before. We both enjoy garage sales, and we made the most amazing discovery as we detoured to several on the way. Somewhere in the middle of Indiana, they stopped referring to them as "Garage Sales'" and started calling them "Rummage Sales". We had thought we hit the church rummage sale jackpot only to find out that these were tables set up in someone's yard. But none the less, we had a great time and we continued on our way.
Nashville turned out to be a true gem, and it took us two days to wander through the village of shops. Primitive, shabby, glass, and jewelry are just some of the treasures you'll find. Food and goodies every way you turn, and every shop has its own unique scent from candles and potpourri.

This is just one of the many many shops in the village. It's covered in rusty country finds, and I just love it. Our plan is to take the kids back this fall when all of the colors are at their peak.
The shopping and scenery were great, but what I enjoyed the most was all of our conversation. Dreaming about what the future will hold and all of the things we want to do. Things certainly change through the years, but sometimes those changes are what bring you closer together. I suspect that this year we will be going through more changes, and I look forward to them with great expectation. I know that no matter what, God is with us and we're just getting started.


Alice said...

Oh Heather, that wedding picture of you both is so beautiful. That's Daryn just the way I remember him and you are so lovely I can't stand it!! Great blog...

icandy... said...

Wonderful post, Heather! You made such a beautiful bride!
Christina :)

The Queen Of Re said...

Hi there, Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment. If wish I had a Louis Prima record, I would pass it on to you. I will keep my eye open for one. After reading your profile I see we have many things in common. A child of the king, 3 kids, homeschooler, and a bundle of creativeness. We must be close to the same age too with kids about the same age. Mine are 15, 12 and 11

If has been wonderful "meeting" you.


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