Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alaskan Inspiration

This year I want to make sure that the kids do a lot of hands on projects.
They are getting older, but that's no reason not to bust out the glue sticks, scissors and craft paper!
Morgan has been studying the geography of the United States, and we have come to Alaska (because they are in alphabetical order). One of her projects for Alaska was to make a game board from the facts that she's learned. She worked on it for about 3 hours today, and I couldn't be more proud. I sat down to play with her and she had DANGER cards, Fact cards and Detours. It was a very color coordinated game board too!

She centered the game around the Iditarod in Alaska (so cute). Some of the Danger cards read: "Oh no! You're lost in the Boreal Forest! Miss next turn." and, "Someone stole your sled along with your goods! Anchorage has your supplies!". Some of the Fact Cards read: "Screeeech! You see the Yukon River. GO and get some gold!". That card makes your game piece get stuck in the middle of the board with all the towns. My favorite Fact Card was, "Go to Wasilla and meet Sarah Palin!" He he!

She did such a great job, and I asked her where some of her ideas came from. She said it was from all of the Alaskan books she's read. (She's a read-a-holic!) She's read a series by Tracie Peterson called Yukon Quest. She really fell in love with this series of Christian books.

I was so proud of her work today and it's moments like this that my heart just bursts!

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