Friday, September 11, 2009

Me and Morgie Time

I have just spent a wonderful evening with my baby girl. We made Beef Peroganoff (beef stroganoff with pirogi, YUM) and then went clothes shopping at the mall. She found an adorable "cowgirl" shirt and a cute pair of jeans. I'm so blessed to have daughters that dress modestly on their own. I'm very thankful that they use the "Daddy" test. "If Daddy won't approve it doesn't come home".

"True femininity comes from within... a peace that passes understanding, joy abundantly, a light in our eyes, a smile on our lips, kindness on our tongue... it is embracing who God made us to be... confident yet humble, strong yet full of gentleness. She'll be serving those around her, pouring out her life with joy, she'll be on her knees in the presence of her King, she'll be speaking life to those around her bringing them encouragement, hands ready to help, feet ready to go... all done whether in the heart of her home or on the other side of the world serving the least. You can have someone dressed modest and feminine full of worldly beauty and yet missing the the core of femininity, the core of who she was created to be, and you will find an empty woman, empty of life. It all starts from within, yet I think you will see it expressed in every aspect of her life. You will also find women that are not full of natural beauty but somehow they become the most beautiful woman you have seen all because she knows who she is and why she was created, full of joy and gentleness... full of life... a truly beautiful woman." -Carrie (taken from the Blog...The Stay-at-Home Missionary)

It's been a wonderful long day and I look forward to spending more time with her tomorrow.

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