Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Knight and Squire Have Returned

I think that every married couple that has children should be very intentional about Date Night.  It's your opportunity to look each other in the eye without distractions and actually talk face to face.  But sometimes it's just as much a good idea to postpone your date for the good of the children.

My dear son has to put up with all us women all day long, and he's such a good sport about it.  He gets plenty of friend social time because his best friend's house is completely opposite from ours in the fact that they are a house of three sons. But there needed to be that comradarie here at home.  Daryn and Wesley have needed some good "GUY" time and they got it this weekend camping.  They talked, played cards, hiked, got mosquitto bites and counted dead frogs (cause that's what guys do).  They now have a weekend full of memories, jokes and apparently Wesley came back owing Daryn money from several Gin Rummy games (cause that's what guys do). It was an opportunity for Daryn to teach his son new things like using an acorn top as a whistle (cause that's what guys do).  The weather was perfect with warm days and cool nights and it added to that feeling of relaxation and down time.

I fought giving Daryn a call all weekend.  I'm so used to talking to him all of the time and it just seemed so strange for him not to be home, but I made sure I let them get that time without checking in with "Mom".  Their "Triumphant Return" brought them home relaxed, reconnected and ready to face the week.  And I'm so glad to have my Knight in Shining Armor back with his Squire at his side.   They were blessed to have their time together just as we girls were blessed too.  We need to make sure they get their Date Nights too.

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