Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blueberry Festival!!!

Every year we go to the Marshall County Blueberry Festival, and the last two years we ask ourselves, "Why?" We just got home, and I'm exhausted and just a ball of nerves. It was so crowded you couldn't even think or move. We love fireworks, but this was literally the scariest display I've ever been to. Fire work showers and embers were falling on the crowd. We witnessed a huge ember, that was still burning hot pink, fall on a group of people and they scattered screaming. The finale's last couple of fireworks also started coming down on people and they still had the burning streams behind them. People were yelling, "They're coming down!!!" It was nuts! Then as we were leaving the parking lot some yahoo was shooting bottle rockets at cars. I'm done and ready for bed.

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Linda Stubbs said...

Ya know how I can't just pick just one winner? Well you came in 4th. I would love to send you your little gift. You will need to give me your address. email me at prairie flower farm @ g mail . com Thank you!!!!!!!
blessings, Linda


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