Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diamond and Her Chicks

The prelude to this post is that I designed a pincushion with a little blue chicken on the bobble. While I was stitching away, my mind began to wander on about chickens and farming, and I still am not sure why the chicken ended up blue other than the pearls just went so well with it. While I was musing about my dream of living in the country, I realized that I had an opportunity to use this moment as a writing prompt for my three wonderful children. At least once a week, we have creative writing, and it usually involves something weird like a purple monkey driving a taxi. I give them a time limit of thirty minutes and just that little bit of pressure causes them to come up with some of the most creative stories. It doesn't matter where you are in the story, it all comes to a screeching halt when the timer goes off. It's a lot of fun, and they like it, too because they know they'll be done in 30 minutes. ! So, the winner (of sorts) for the best interpretation of the Pearls and Chickens Pincushion goes to Maddie. We had Mama choose the winner, and with a lot of hesitation and not wanting to make the others feel bad, she made the final call.

Now without delay, here is her story.....

Diamond and Her Chicks

This is a story about a chicken. Her name is Diamond. Diamond has three sisters and one brother, and their names are Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, and Bob. They were hatched into a rich chicken farm where every chicken is spoiled. They live in cocobolo wood homes, with silk curtains, angora rugs and golden nests.

Now, Diamond is a special chicken. She looks different, eats different, and does lots of different things from all the other chickens. Diamond is blue. She was born blue and she hatched out of a very soft and shiny egg. Diamond only eats with silver utensils, not with just her mouth. She thinks it's the proper way to go. And Diamond loves to make pincushions. She started out making them with the curtains, shiny pebbles, and the golden hay. Every time she makes one her owners come, take them to their gift shop, and sell them two by two.

Well, one day Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst were laying eggs. They were clucking when all of a sudden they heard a plunk! It sounded different from the other eggs laying. Amethyst looked under her and said, "One white, one brown. Nothing different here."

Then Ruby looked under herself and said, "Two white, one blue. Nothing different today."

And then Emerald checked under herself also and exclaimed, "There are only two eggs! Oh, wait! Two brown and one white. Whew, nothing unusual. What about you, Diamond? Anything different?"

Diamond stood up and saw two pearl eggs. "Well, what do we have here? Two pearl eggs."

"Two pearl eggs?", asked Ruby and Amethyst.

"Yep. One. Two. I bet you have to keep them extra warm for good chickies." advised Emerald, fluffing her feathers in a pocket mirror.

"Well, I'll wait until hatching time and see what happens."

Diamond waited twenty one days, and on the expected day all her eggs hatched!

"Hello chickies. How are you? chicks!", exclaimed Diamond.

The owner heard her squawk and saw that she had two blue chicks.

"How do you think they became blue?", asked one owner.

"I don't know. The silver utensils, maybe.", replied the other.

"Didn't the hen that layed Diamond use silver utensils to eat, too?"

"As a matter of fact she did!"

The End


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