Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Princess Frog and the Amazing Garage Sale Find!

I've looked and looked for ♫"THE FIND"♫ of the Garage Sale Season

The most Pink and Frilly Thing
I've ever seen!
Just Look at the Layers...the wonderful, beautiful layers!
"What's that?"
"Did you say something?"

Oh Fine!
"Yes, I'll call you Princess!"

"Presenting, Princess Frog of Finicky in her beautiful square dancin' slip!"
"Well, that's what it is!"
"Ok, Fine. FINE!"
"Presenting, Princess Frog of Finicky in her Fantabulously Magnificent Ballgown!"

"I'm sure they are applauding."
"I refuse to ask them to do such a thing!

"Her subjects bow at her grac-ie-ness!"
This is what happens when you let her out of the terrarium.

We also found one in rainbow.
The smile on my daughter's face on the way home made it the best
find of the summer.
Hoedown Throw down, Here we come!

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