Monday, September 28, 2009

Compelled to SHOUT!

I woke up early Saturday morning, with a feeling of urgency. A patriotic stirring if you will, inspired by my own complacency. Politics was always something I shied away from in the past, because I know it can create an amazing amount of discontent between people. I've seen it and experienced it enough that I avoided it like the plague. However, the last election changed so much for me. I feel as though if I don't truly take a stand for the freedoms I have, they will be lost forever. They will be lost and I won't be able to blame anyone but myself because I sat back and did nothing, said nothing, let the pen be idle, and inspired no one else to do anything.

Last night was such a moment of awakening to the true spirit of our country. My nephew plays the tuba in his High School marching band, and my brother had told us that Friday night was going to be his last home game to play as a Senior. There wasn't a hesitation to stand with him in one of his final moments that he will remember for years to come. We gathered up the kids and my mom and headed out to the game. It called for some rain but we were going to brave it and "make memories" together with my brother and his family.

There were so many people. It was crazy, but good crazy cause it's a football game and that's what you expect. Teenagers everywhere, and it was a task getting through the crowd. My mother had her scooter, and we decided to hang out down by the end zone next to the stands. It was just easier to stay out of the way in such a large group of people. This is the largest High School in the area, and when you drive by the school it looks like a college campus. It looked like most of the student body and then some were attending this game.

The band came out in all their splendor-- drums drumming and horns blazing. I'm not just saying this because my nephew is playing, but they have an impressive presence about them. The prelude to the game was about to begin and The National Anthem was announced and we were all asked to stand.

Why is this not understood among people? Here is a moment to stand and be still! Here is a moment to respect what gave you the right to be here in the first place. It's not about that piece of fabric flying around. It's about the men and women who fought for your freedom. It's the liberty that it's stands for. It's a moment, a short moment that calls for unity among its people to be still and stand.

We've been to more sporting events than I can count in the last year, and I'm always amazed at what happens. So few stand and be still. So few put their hand on their heart. So few even are quiet.

Our children will do what they are taught. They will respect what they are shown as worthy of respect. But I tell you, of the hundreds of teenagers that stood before me in that crowd, I didn't see any stop. And the sad thing was how many adults didn't stop either.

My kids know, you stop whatever you're doing and put your hand on your heart and you face that flag and you be quiet unless you are singing along. It's as simple as that. The reason is because of the man that stands with them. My husband is a Marine Corps Veteran and if we didn't, we would be disrespecting his service, my grandfather's, their uncle's and everyone that stood with them at home and on foreign soil.

A few weeks ago we were at the Blueberry Festival, and we were walking to get seats for the fireworks. Daryn and Wesley had gone to get our chairs from the mimivan, so it was just me and the girls for a moment. There were tons of people, and it was crowded. But, clear as day, you could hear them announce The National Anthem. We stopped and I heard something behind me that I will never forget.

There was a father and his young son that I never saw their faces, but I could hear them as if they were talking to me. "You stand still, boy." the father said. "Put your hand on your heart and don't move a muscle." Again in a crowd that only about a tenth took the time to stop shopping and eating and walking and talking, we probably looked a little odd standing still, with our hands on our hearts. But that doesn't matter does it? When I heard that father behind me, it stirred a confidence that we are not alone. There is hope!

Things are moving fast in this country, and we don't have time to continue being complacent patriots, parents, Christians, friends, husbands and wives. Because if we do, our children will be lost. If they don't know how to stop and stand in recognition, how will they know how to fight for freedom?

Now, if you are like us, you will be at more sporting events with your kids than you can count this school year. They play the national anthem at all of them, and if they don't, they should. Show them your patriotism. Don't be so complacent that you can't teach them how to honor their country, founders, and veterans for a few moments.

They will learn what to do somewhere.

Time Magazine

Don't be patriotic when you feel like it. What if that was the thinking of every president before or every serviceman in the field. Where would we be then? I realize that there have been a lot of comments about this photo, and I don't really question whether or not Obama will say he's a patriot. But see, he represents us. He is supposed to reflect what we want and I'll tell ya, if he went to that football game, he would have seen that it's ok not to put your hand on your heart. It would be ok not to sing, it would be completely fine to walk around and talk like nothing was going on.

I did see one girl stop. She was with her friends who all looked to be Freshmen. It was like she was stumbling in a way and uncertain what she should do. She stopped and put her hand on her heart, but then she started looking around and she quickly pulled her hand down. What was that? Was she embarrassed? She walked away and was caught up in the conversation her friends were having. It's sad, it's really sad.

So, what will you do?

If you come back to my blog, and I hope you do, expect to hear these questions periodically. This is part of the whole package. I'm a Christian, wife, mother, home maker, homeschooling, businesswoman and patriot. In other words; I am nothing without Christ, the spiritual leader of my home is my husband, I am blessed with 3 amazing children, my home runs like a machine, I teach my children based on the Word of God in a strict conservative environment, I produce a quality product to help financially support our household, and I am an American that believes I can be everything prior because of where I live and because of liberties and freedoms that I refuse to have taken away from me or my children.

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