Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Day In Shipshewana

I have a wonderful customer in South Wales (I just love that) that has commissioned me to make an Under the Mushroom Pincushion . However, I am sad to say that I have completely run out of the fabric that I used for the design. So, I was on a mission today to re-find green fabric with creamy polka dots and I was soooo hoping that I would find the original fabric (but we all know how that goes).

I decided to go back to where I had originally discovered it and that would be the quaint little town of Shipshewana, IN. If you are ever in Northern Indiana, you really must stop and get a Whoopie Pie and visit all of the too cute shops that are in the middle of town. They've got flea markets, apple pie, Amish restaurants, shoo fly pie, horse and buggy rides, strawberry pie, quilt shops, banana cream pie, and a ton of other wonderful country things including pies of any kind.
My favorite stop is the Davis Mercantile where you'll find music, food, shopping, and crafts. Also, inside you will find Lolly's Fabric Store, where your head will just spin from all of the beautiful fabrics. This is where I headed to find the elusive green fabric with creamy polka dots. I searched and searched and my darling children followed me around in circles like little chicks. I finally sent them to sit on the porch and wait til I was done (needed a little thinking space). I tried to be good, I really did. I knew that I was just there for that ONE fabric and that was the whole reason I went.....then my brilliant son reminded me that there was the "Other Lolly's" downstairs. I about choked at his willingness to help me find the green fabric with creamy polka dots and I immediately took his recommendation and headed downstairs. Down on the bottom floor (it's kind of the underground level) you will find another shop called A Little Bit of Lolly's. More fabric at a discounted-discontinued price to temp you with and they also have a row boat full of fat quarters. Yes, a ROW BOAT!! "Don't Rock the Boat Baby". Alas, I looked and looked, but they didn't have the green fabric with creamy polka dots down there or in the boat that I meticulously scavanged through. Not to fear, I did previously purchase a similar green fabric with creamy polka dots at another store here in town a few weeks ago. It's not quite the same, but I think that it will work just fine and I hope my Wonderful customer will like it just as well. But, it sure was a lot of fun getting to go on the hunt today and I came home with some new treasures anyway!
Pictures coutesy of Lolly's Fabric Shop and

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