Sunday, September 27, 2009

My New Scrap Catcher

I just got my new Scrap Catcher this weekend from Scrapguild, and it's just perfect. I love the colors and it's so much bigger than I was expecting, which is perfect because I have really bad aim when I'm pitching my threads and fabric bits. I just LVE IT. I'm really torn about using it for scraps though. It's so pretty I haven't wanted to take it down stairs to my shop, and I'm considering using it as a thread holder for when I'm crocheting in the family room. It perfectly hangs from a table and it also perfectly hung from the arm of the couch. Such a dilemma! I just might have to get another one! My sister-in-law stopped by this afternoon and I had to show it off to her. Go and check Clare's items out on her shop. The quality is excellent and that's saying a lot coming from a very "Finicky Frog".

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Linda Stubbs said...

This is so cute. I have always wanted to make a scrap bag. I think they are really neat, just haven't made one yet.

Those apples are beautiful. I want to put up some applesauce before the season is over. I am up to my ears in tomatoes. I still have so much more to put up before I can do apples. I have some peaches that we need to can also. It is such a busy time of year!
Blessings to you!!


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