Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our 30 Day Challenge

I've been following a wonderful blog lately and the author has given herself a challenge to be sure and write every day. Some entries are short little thoughts of the day and others are longer with beautiful photography of her home and family. It's called Artist for Hire and I encourage you all to stop in and check it out.

Now what should I do with this inspiration? Take on the challenge myself!
You see, as a family we decide to fast television once or twice a year for a month. This month we begin homeschooling after Labor Day and we want to be intentional about getting a good start. The fast gives us time to focus on specific things we need pray about and to refocus and regroup. It never fails that it turns out to be an amazing experience and we get a ton of time doing family things.

On top of fasting television, we will also be fasting eating out. As a family of five our total at a restaurant can easily end up around $50 with the tip. This will be a much harder personal challenge because I'm not a huge fan of cooking. But my husband has a possible lay off coming up this Friday and we need to tighten the belt.

I thought that this would be the perfect time to document our experience through the next 30 days. OOps...I was just tapped on the shoulder by my oldest daughter, "Did you mention the health thing?" she said. Ahhh yes, the "health thing". This first week we will also each be choosing to stop a bad eating habit and we will be exercising as a family for 3/30min intervals.

This will be an exciting month of new things and I hope you come along with us on this journey by following our blog!


Domestic Goddess said...

What a great idea! I would love to "fast" from the TV. I almost talked Hubby into it but not quite.
My boys enjoyed doing the Biggest Loser Yoga it had alternative moves for the not so flexible, so it was a fun family activity. Have Fun!

abby said...

So happy to see that you are doing your own 30 day challenge! Good luck!


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